Empires and Dragons MOD APK (Menu, God mode) 1.0.15

Updated 15/10/2022 (1 year ago)
NameEmpires and Dragons APK
PublisherGlobal Joy Games
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, God mode
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Empires and Dragons

Build your empire from dragons by solving puzzles in Empires and Dragons. Dragons and monsters have long fought over the fat lands of the world. They interrupted the kingdom’s development and even stopped moving forward. Mercenaries need to be hired so that you can create dragon-slaying armies. Each force with different colors will become more and more powerful and ready to fight the enemy. Win against ferocious dragons and monsters one by one to reclaim the fertile land. Build a kingdom by overcoming obstacles from enemies as you solve puzzles.

You want to build a kingdom, but the most suitable places in the world have been occupied. Dragons and evil monsters took over every critical piece of land. They are selfish and don’t want to share the resources on the land so you can build. The enemies who stand in the way of his empire-building plan must be destroyed to continue. You will need to pass each puzzle at each level with the dragons and monsters guarded. Take advantage of times when you successfully solve puzzles and take a step up dealing damage to enemies. Collect heroes to help you in your quest to build a kingdom in this world.

Empires and Dragons mod

Download Empires and Dragons – Win puzzles and establish kingdoms

You are set to foot in a world surrounded by wild and fertile lands. You want to find the perfect place to build an empire to grow on your own in this place. But all the places that pass you are unsatisfied because of the poverty they bring. It would help if you had a more excellent and more fertile place to start and chose the land of dragons. It was the perfect place to lay the foundations of the most developed kingdom. To reclaim the land they have occupied for many years, you need to drive them out. Win the puzzles you face with dragons and proceed to create a kingdom.

Empires and Dragons mod apk

Enemies in the way

Your goal is the land that dragons have taken over to have a place to create their empire. They are powerful creatures, and you have witnessed their overwhelming power. You won’t be able to get in there alone without any outside help. Heroes are your help in the battle with dragons, and you lead them. You will join them in the mystical world of puzzles to start the battle with dragons or monsters. These heroes are ready with weapons in hand and just waiting for you to complete the puzzle. They will advance to deal damage to dragons in the way until they are destroyed.

Empires and Dragons free

Hunter hero

It would be best if you fought with the heroes to chase the dragons out of the land. Those are the ones that help you deal damage to your dragon and enemies after each turn. The basis for them to attack is that you complete a puzzle in the game. You can help them attack by matching different colors in the puzzle. The different battle colors of the hunters will give you a better view of the world. Each time you solve the puzzle will help them attack but also help the hero recover. Gather your hunters and combine combos in puzzles to take down enemies.

Empires and Dragons apk

Kingdom building

Your journey to becoming strong only begins when you encounter your enemies. It’s a long journey for you to be firm with the hunters in puzzle solving. Defeating the enemies is just the first thing to do so you can build a kingdom. But over time, you can’t build your empire after a single victory. Buildings will be unlocked after you solve puzzles and defeat evil dragon enemies. Your empire needs a place to train heroes so you can solve puzzles with them. Test the power of the hunters in the squad and join the journey to defeat the dragon to build the kingdom.

Empires and Dragons android

You have lost in a world where every land appears like dragons and monsters. Every single best land in this place has been occupied, and soon there will be no more room for you. To survive this place, you must build an empire in the area of ​​dragons. The dragons need to be slain so you can take their land and get started. Hunters will be your companions in creating your empire. You solve puzzles to help hunters move forward, and they help you overcome obstacles from enemies. Download Empires and Dragons mod to fight for the land from the enemy to create an empire.

How to Download & Install Empires and Dragons MOD APK (Menu, God mode) for Android


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