Dungeon Maker MOD APK (Free shopping/Unlimited money) 1.11.25

Updated 16/07/2024 (6 hours ago)
NameDungeon Maker APK
MOD FeaturesFree shopping/Unlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Dungeon Maker

Dungeon Maker is a game for players to play as a warlord in the dark, ruling the dungeon. Where few monsters could live here. Not playing the role of a hero, standing up to defend justice. You will be the one on the side of darkness, against the knights. They will come to your dungeon to attack, you must find a way to counterattack. The righteous will not leave you alone. Always let the heroes down to enter dungeons, seek destruction. Keep your dungeon safe from being broken. Do everything, find ways to fight to defeat opponents. Always try your best not to be trapped by them as a loser. As a dungeon manager, you need to prepare the most solid luggage.

All you need to do is do your best to protect your own property. They will never give you peace of mind without fulfilling their goal. Set traps, hire monsters to guard the dungeon for you. Explore many monuments to find the strength to help you fight. Always be on the lookout for heroes who can eliminate you at any time. Tactics are important for you to win. Fight hard, determined to protect from their encirclement. Dungeon Maker will give you the dungeon master, stand up against the righteous heroes.

Dungeon Maker mod

Download Dungeon Maker mod – Protect your own property

Dungeon Maker opens a war with super powerful heroes. to be a darkest against the righteous. Not a guard, helping people protect the castle. You play the role of lords, do everything to destroy the forces of heroes. Dungeon Maker will bring you intense battles with overwhelming enemy fighting styles. Putting all of your strength and cooperation with your teammates to attack them. Dungeon Maker will certainly bring a fierce battle, equally talented from both sides.

Fight hard

Fight players gather many monsters to protect the dungeon, against the enemy forces. If you let the dungeon lord die, you will lose. The lords here are pretty girls, not the beasts. They can join you in fighting when they have strength. If you run out of energy, the girls will not be able to fight with you. So need to build a reasonable fighting style to easily cope with them. The map of the game consists of 12 3 × 4 squares and 3 vertical rows. The heroes walk along the line to see the dark lord. You should hire monsters, trap them so you can attack them. The combat skills here are extremely important, indispensable when you face the heroes.

Dungeon Maker mod apk

The characters

The characters that appear in the game are monsters, heroes, and dungeon lords. As the game progresses higher your enemies get stronger. They can avoid the traps, your defensive fences. Make it harder to defend your stronghold. In addition to good combat, you also have to upgrade your character to new levels. Collect more monster eggs to create more powerful monsters. Many monsters for you to choose from such as Elizabeth, Lilith, Rebecca, Emma, ​​… With the vampire Elizabeth has the ability to attack enemies quickly. Lilith used her beauty to fascinate heroes, making internal heroes opaque. Each of your characters will have individual talents, choosing them to do things suitable for each situation.

Dungeon Maker mod free

Diverse game modes

Dungeon Maker with attractive game modes will not make you miss. Get to know 7 dark lords with special talents. Fight with over 100 monsters against heroes. With more than 130 monuments with mysterious powers for you to explore. Many things for you to experience, the game modes will also be continuously upgraded. A diverse gameplay will not make you bored. A familiar fighting game, bringing an exciting adventure. In the game you will face many creatures, learning how to collect resources. Protect your property from enemy destruction. Form powerful comrades with extraordinary strength to fight them.

Dungeon Maker mod android

Dungeon Maker is a game for you to be a lord against enemy forces. Together with teammates to coordinate, trap them. Certainly, the game will give you a lot of combat experience after the failures. Download Dungeon Maker mod to protect your own kingdom.

How to Download & Install Dungeon Maker MOD APK (Free shopping/Unlimited money) for Android


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2 years ago

Add damade multi and God mode please

2 years ago


Diego García
Diego García
2 years ago

Hey, I’m having trouble when trying to unlock paid items (such as DLC). When I try to buy it the game just crashes with no Error message. Hope you could help of fix this soon, ty!

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