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NameIdle Civilization: World History APK
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Downstream of human history was discovered more than 4000 years ago. Although this number is only a temporary estimate of scientists, it is still an extremely long time. Follow the rise, rise, and fall of civilizations in Idle Civilization: World History. This idle simulation game will take you back to the times of humanity. Throughout the formation of civilizations. Moreover, how interesting is the identity and military power through each period. Starting from scratch to get the world it is today.

At Idle Civilization: World History, you will travel through the history of all the civilizations that have ever existed on earth. From Ancient Egypt, the medieval period of empires, the modern period, and the modern period. You are like a god who rules and decides the fate of the world. Each change is minimal enough to create consequences for the next generation. In this game, changing world history is completely possible.

Idle Civilization World History mod apk

Download Idle Civilization: World History mod – Decide the destiny of humanity by yourself

All the details in the game are based on the choices you make. Each period will have a different choice to operate your simulated world. You have a smaller version of the original Earth. All that is on the surface is constantly moving and evolving. Traverse the ages from ancient, medieval to modern and future. You can once again witness the great extinction of the dinosaurs and watch your alien friends visit the blue planet into the distant future. Everything that happens is up to you.

With only a white background and simple watercolor-painted details, the game has shown the identity and uniqueness of different civilizations very realistically. Plus, you have a currency that keeps growing. Use it to craft and develop historical events. They are important things that make the world what it is today. Consider putting money into developing the most important events.

Idle Civilization World History mod apk free

Perfecting and changing history

If you run everything right, the world will turn out exactly as it happened in the history of the world. From wars throughout the length of human existence. Industrial revolutions, resource, and energy crises. Even ancient war, medieval war, or world war. You are the observer as well as for deciding all those events. However, you will not be held responsible for anything you do. This is just a simulation game, and its purpose is to test how humans can reach the limits of perception and thinking. The results were based on the world and the events they made.

Idle Civilization World History mod

Observe world information and documents

Idle Civilization: World History offers a lot of photos and documents. They are mainly documents about events and civilizations that once existed on earth. Of course, you have to let that event happen to witness such historical milestones. You can get a better look at a plane during World Wars 1 and 2. Dig deeper into the mystery of the fall of Rome. Or make scientific hypotheses in the distant future world. Everything can happen in the most random way, combined with the choices you decided earlier. See if you can create the unthinkable.

Time travel and historical arrangement

The world can only run in one direction forward in a straight line. Once started, you can’t go back and fix things, but you can temporarily speed up or stop to make things easier to control. This is a special function of the game that you can use whenever you feel the need. In addition, after completing the human development process, you will receive a mission completion certificate. It includes a list of events that you have created. Compare with your friends to see if there is any difference. Come up with solutions together so you can create them and much more.

Idle Civilization World History mod mod

Surely Idle Civilization: World History is for those who love to search about the history and civilizations of humanity. Now you can influence and change them in many different ways. Any possibility is possible based on your thinking. That’s why I say nothing is impossible in Idle Civilization: World History mod. Create world history where you are the almighty god.

Download Idle Civilization: World History MOD APK (Free Shopping/Unlocked) for Android

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