Dragons: Rise of Berk MOD APK 1.71.5 (Unlimited Runes/Cards/Fish)

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NameDragons: Rise of Berk APK
PublisherLudia Inc.
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Runes/Cards/Fish
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Install Bypass and complete the instructions then install the mod.

Dragons: Rise of Berk is a game for you and powerful dragons to protect the territory from invaders. Based on the popular cartoon How to Train Your Dragon. If you have followed the content of the movie, the gameplay will be very familiar. The details are adapted into the story and you are the one who plays the characters. Your main task is to protect and nurture dragons to protect the land of Berk. Dragons: Rise of Berk gives you the chance to have a collection of powerful dragons to fight formidable enemies. Peace in the territory is seriously threatened. Act promptly with the dragons to keep the peace here.

In the past, the Vikings had the idea of ​​killing dragons is the act of proving a person has grown up. Since then, the conflict between humans and dragons has grown, and they cannot live together. Until Hiccup stood out to resolve that contradiction, the Vikings and dragons no longer had opposing views. However, there were still groups of dragon hunters elsewhere. That is the enemy you must eliminate in Dragons: Rise of Berk. All for the sake of increasing human friendliness. There was no longer any hostility that would upset the dragons.

Dragons Rise of Berk mod download

Download Dragons: Rise of Berk mod – Fight with dragon warriors

Players will accompany each dragon when they are just one egg. After a period of incubation, the dragon hatches and you need to take care of them to grow until qualified to fight. The village cannot remain in a state of bad influence by strangers. Dragons: Rise of Berk needs you to have a solution to keep this place peaceful and peaceful for everyone’s lives. Hiccup, Toothless is the leaders in cultivating and collecting dragons as well as helping them have the ability to attack better enemies. Each dragon species has its own advantages and disadvantages. Pay attention to build the most reasonable dragon formation.

Defend Berk

Dragons are the force that keeps the land safe. To build a dragon formation at a basic level, players need to start from things like collecting eggs and taking care of dragons after hatching. The higher the level, the more powerful the player needs. The enemy in Dragons: Rise of Berk is something you cannot underestimate. They develop at a faster rate, so sometimes it is the pressure the player has to endure.

Dragons Rise of Berk mod apk


With over 400 DreamWorks Dragons and 75 species of dragons is probably enough for you to collect. All are not available to choose from, players have to go to collect new dragons in different lands. Some battle will take place during that exploration trip that makes you have to stop to take care of the enemies blocking the way. Classic names like Meatless, Stormfly, Hook Ward and Skullcrusher make Dragons: Rise of Berk even more interesting. Meet your favourite dragons again and train them to become superhero warriors.

Dragons Rise of Berk mod

60 islands

Viking territory is truly a vast land. Dragons will be on many different islands, players always have the opportunity to collect many new dragons. Strengthening your fighting skills with more dragons, you can use any dragon in any case you encounter. Dragons: Rise of Berk has many knights as an opponent that will make you have many difficulties.


Dragons can also be grown as humans, and they do not show through age but by level. For Dragon to grow fast, take care of them with your favourite foods. In addition, buildings such as Meade Hall and Academy also need to be built. Levels will be limited and lack space if you do not upgrade items. Do not let the enemies have a chance to dominate the arena. It is impossible for the conflict between dragons and humans to be affected by strangers.

Dragons Rise of Berk mod android

Dragons: Rise of Berk gives players a game mode in the Viking land with the human story here. While humans were able to live with dragons, there are still bad guys trying to ruin that relationship. Download Dragons: Rise of Berk mod discover new places and build your dragon team to the fullest.

Download Dragons: Rise of Berk MOD APK (Unlimited Runes/Cards/Fish) for Android

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Avast telling me there is a virus and suspicius activity in this file. Other mod game is fine, but this game has a virus

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