Sky On Fire: 1940 MOD APK (Unlocked) 0.8

Updated 28/06/2023 (10 months ago)
NameSky On Fire: 1940 APK
MOD FeaturesUnlocked
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Sky On Fire: 1940

Sky On Fire: 1940 goes back in time to conquer the cruel wars of the world. This game simulates the fight of rocket planes in the air. Players will control the squadron themselves, decide all directions and attack the opponent according to a previously drafted plan. You will experience the old warplanes of England and France. Both countries are strong in weapons and have made significant improvements in the production of war items. Professional flight crews will discover how gliders fly through space and successfully bombard enemies.

Legendary aircraft such as Spitfire, He 111, Bf 109 and many more are waiting for you to experience. You will be overwhelmed by the terrible engines and their power, unexpected destructive power. The player can shoot enemies in the front with the internal gun, magnified from a distance. You create your wars and profit from many battles. Attacking in the sky is a big challenge for someone not used to flying an aircraft. You must know how to glide, accelerate and use bullets in rockets. If you panic, the plane will also fall; according to your immature skills, practice a lot to become a fighter.

Sky On Fire 1940 mod

Download Sky On Fire: 1940 mod – fight with fire planes in the sky

War events in the 1940s are reproduced in detail. You can be one of 4 countries, including France, Germany, England, and Italy; every army is eloquent, bombarding fiercely to win. It would help if you also fought bravely, without respecting any country; there is total war once invaded. Participate in the excellent missile war, and bring your forces to the highest position above other nations. You have to prove that you are a world great, not afraid of any opponent. You are always in a state of readiness, performing the old match and testing the control ability of a talented astronaut.

Sky On Fire 1940 andorid

Devastating bombing raids

The continuous confrontation has revolted in the battles that no one gives up. Dropping bombs from the sky to the ground and launching large projectiles in front of the opponent is what you are about to experience. Observe the situation through sophisticated binoculars, determine the enemy’s position and give the order to fire. The bombardment engines are displayed on the screen. You need to read the instructions carefully and practice. Keep the equipment inside to avoid mistakenly destroying it. Otherwise, your plane will explode first. In the vast high sky, you will find it difficult to follow the direction of other rockets, follow the exhaust chimney and go straight up. You keep your mind up, don’t let the sound of the bomb make you shiver, afraid it’s easy to give up.

Sky On Fire 1940 apk free

Self-regulating tasks

Sky On Fire: 1940 offers custom missions for each player style. The situations that happen are all decided by your hand, favourable or unfavourable. How exciting will it be when you challenge yourself? Will you be able to escape the dangers that surround you when the opponent comes? They are strong and have teammates to follow; you have to fight on your own and lead a group. If you are negligent, like a snake without a head, your officers will not know where to go. Flights kept flying in the sky; it was impossible. It would help if you had a clear strategy and plan from the beginning so as not to be surprised.

Sky On Fire 1940 apk

Engage in aerial battles

Endless wars are about to resume in the vast blue sky. You can thoroughly choose the opponent because you have the right to edit the mission. Players can also decide whether to play as a team or play individually. Battles with one or more planes simultaneously will be beautiful. You will be challenged and have the opportunity to prove your true talent. The actions were recorded by the camera, creating beautiful images when on duty. Let the camera angle capture your moment, look cool in front of the camera, and make your opponents respect you.

Sky On Fire 1940 mod apk

Sky On Fire: 1940 takes you back to the past when there was still fierce war. There has never been a war without leaving injuries, wreaking havoc in the sky with a fire plane that is much more terrible. You will feel the authentic war atmosphere and play the role of a talented leader. Your army will fly in the right direction and bombard suitable objects to make them fall into the abyss. The gamevariouserent types of aircraft, each of which will have a corresponding use. When you learn to control, things will become more and more fascinating for you. Download Sky On Fire: 1940 mod, complete the mission that the old war left for you, and create beautiful scenes when fighting.

How to Download & Install Sky On Fire: 1940 MOD APK (Unlocked) for Android


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