HEROES UNITE: IDLE & MERGE MOD APK (HP Boss/Enemy/Dragon) 2.18.0

Updated 17/11/2023 (3 weeks ago)
PublisherSUPERJOY Inc.
MOD FeaturesHP Boss/Enemy/Dragon
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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1. Enemy HP devided by 10
2. Boss HP devided by 10
3. Dragon HP devided by 2

You can easily get banned from using this mod!


For busy people who don’t have too much time, come to HEROES UNITE: IDLE & MERGE. This role-playing simulation game will immerse you in a world of heroes. Endless battles have never been simpler than arranging characters. But keep in mind that everything requires the intelligent command of the player. Just follow the machine’s instructions, and you have completed your task well. Graphics and sound are fascinating highlights of this game. It is wrong not to try the HEROES UNITE: IDLE & MERGE experience here.

HEROES UNITE: IDLE & MERGE is a world fighting between good and evil for control. The right to choose who to side with will be your right decision, unlike other fighting games that always require you to participate continuously and strain your brain to fight. The characters at HEROES UNITE: IDLE & MERGE will automatically fight, so you won’t need to worry too much. So many types of heroes and elves will appear in this game. What is missing is just the arrangement of a wise hero like you.HEROES UNITE IDLE MERGE android

Download HEROES UNITE: IDLE & MERGE mod – War of Heroes

Coming to HEROES UNITE: IDLE & MERGE, your main job is to upgrade your heroes. They are an essential link affecting the safety of the whole world. Regardless of day and night, the heroes always try their best to fight and stop the forces of darkness. But they are also brilliant and always try to become stronger. So to adapt, you also have to upgrade your heroes to be more substantial and more decisive. Only then will you be able to resist the power of darkness and protect the world’s peace.HEROES UNITE IDLE MERGE apk free

Various heroes

The heroes in the world of HEROES UNITE: IDLE & MERGE are immense. Each of them is built with a highly unique and unique appearance. Comes with a separate skill set and story for each hero. The carefully exploited plot depth keeps the game’s timeline coherent and closely linked. Most significantly, the extreme skillset is the key to winning. Try to coordinate a good squad to create the optimal strength.HEROES UNITE IDLE MERGE mod apk

At first, their power was not too impressive but enough for temporary use. But gradually, when the opposing force is more vital, you also have to upgrade your warriors. Do not worry because this problem is not too tricky; entirely within your ability. Remember, the rule is that you only need to recruit low-level soldiers. Then combine many soldiers to upgrade to the next level. Each level will bring superiority in strength and appearance. The key is to focus on the status of the soldiers, and victory will be within reach.

Cute anime graphics

The developer pays excellent attention to the graphics and sound of the game. With bold Japanese anime drawings, high-quality pictures will surely satisfy all the most fastidious people. Super cute characters with many expressions will melt your heart in minutes. The devil has enough for you to explore, from gentle, gentle characters to brutally inclined heroes. This is an exciting point for such an idle game.HEROES UNITE IDLE MERGE mod

Many attractive discount combos

To encourage new players, the game has a lot of exciting discount combos available. They will give you a more straightforward and more accessible start. For example, double the amount of gold received or immediately gave you a certain amount of resources. But, for new players, this amount is not small at all. It gives you a starting advantage over others, don’t ignore it.HEROES UNITE IDLE MERGE mod free

Simple, easy, offline gameplay

With that said, HEROES UNITE: IDLE & MERGE is built with gameplay that doesn’t require you to participate all the time. Just hang up; theo your work, the rest of the characters will do it all for you. As long as you periodically check the progress, upgrading the characters is more than enough. This makes HEROES UNITE: IDLE & MERGE highly suitable for busy people who want to have fun. But, no matter how busy you are, you will still get resources while offline.

In short, HEROES UNITE: IDLE & MERGE is highly suitable for those who want to play games but are too busy. Graphics and sound are well cared for, giving you a lot of exciting experiences. Download HEROES UNITE: IDLE & MERGE mod here to enjoy for yourself.

How to Download & Install HEROES UNITE: IDLE & MERGE MOD APK (HP Boss/Enemy/Dragon) for Android


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