Grow Merge Monsters MOD APK 1.1.0 (Menu, Gems injection/Merge)

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NameGrow Merge Monsters APK
MOD FeaturesMenu, Gems injection/Merge
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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MOD Infomation

1. Gems Injection (Each time you open a menu or kill an enemy its Adding gems).
2. Gold Drop when you kill Monster > 100 k
3. Auto Merge No delay (buy first in lab)
4. No hatch delay (buy first in lab)

Monsters may be the scariest species we humans have in life. However, did you know that you can take advantage of their power in Grow Merge Monsters? Find the most robust companions you trust. Challenge ancient dungeons and hide their horrors. Sweep all obstacles and exit with precious rewards in hand. No need to fight the dangers on your own anymore.

Grow Merge Monsters is a simulation game created by the creators of mobirix. Merge and develop is the main task that this game gives us. The best part is that it doesn’t need a network and can be played offline commonly. They are giving you the ability to operate anytime, anywhere with a variety of complex conditions. Experience the classic pixel visuals with endless adventures. A game was suitable for anyone with entertainment needs.

Grow Merge Monsters mod

Download Grow Merge Monsters mod – Create your monster army

During the adventure, you realize the potential of the monsters. Utilizing them is one of the wisest methods ever devised. In the beginning, you will be able to choose a random monster to accompany you. It will automatically fight the enemy to bring back the eggs for you. Opening these eggs will give you random monsters. Put the same ones in the same position to proceed to combine them. Create stronger individuals with superiority in every way. Can substitute into his ranks to improve efficiency. Your team will automatically fight continuously even after leaving the network.

Powerful monster

Monsters of various types exist in the natural environment. They are divided into elements such as fire, water, plants, etc. Their power is graded according to rarity, starting from standard, rare, epic, and legendary. With high rarity, the ownership rate will also be much more difficult. Monsters can be hunted and captured by searching in different environments. Each monster will carry a particular beneficial attribute. Various types can be arranged and combined for a more significant effect. Counter the opponent monsters and destroy them neatly. How many monsters can you own for your collection?

Grow Merge Monsters mod free

Monster upgrade

After possessing, you also need to make your monster even stronger. There are many methods to help your creatures make particular progress. It is possible to use the money to level up these monsters. Evolve them to increase their star count and discover transformations in appearance. The demons that evolve will gain a lot of valuable stats. Train them by putting them into battle formations to make them stronger and stronger. Being a monster trainer is not difficult at all. As long as you know how to arrange it properly, everything will be incredibly smooth and convenient.

Grow Merge Monsters mod apk

Tower of Challenges

Want to know how strong your monster is? To verify this is also extremely easy and does not require much effort. Go to the challenge tower, where you will bring your nightmares to the limit of their strength. Let your strongest warriors enter the building. Once each floor is ultimately defeated, it will move to the next floor. Later on, the difficulty will be gradually increased with a larger and stronger number of monsters. Keep going until you fail, and you will evaluate your ability. Keep improving in the future to get more rewards from the tower.

Grow Merge Monsters mod android

Rating classification

Your playing process is recorded and calculated by the system to classify skills reasonably. What you achieved will be fully displayed along with the achievements owned. There is a leaderboard where every level is in it. The stronger the players, the higher the rank. The strongest people often stand at the top and receive valuable rewards every week. You can also try to climb to such high positions. Always look for the strongest and work hard to improve the monster’s strength. Create a squad that you think is the most perfect for conquering the challenges.

Fight non-stop to reach the place of giant bosses. They will be waiting for your team at the end of the essential locations. Their power in Grow Merge Monsters mod can crush anything. Be careful and wise if you want to confront such people.

Download Grow Merge Monsters MOD APK (Menu, Gems injection/Merge) for Android

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