Dragon Slayer MOD APK (Unlimited diamonds) 1.0.12

Updated 04/12/2021 (3 years ago)
NameDragon Slayer APK
PublisherSunbeesoft Co., Ltd.
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited diamonds
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play
Dragon Slayer MOD APK detail?

With diamonds you can get infinite gold and honor Points from shop

Introduce MOD APK Dragon Slayer

Wars always bring us valuable experience and capacity training. Therefore, you can do this very quickly through Dragon Slayer. Accompanying heroes with excellent fighting spirit. Eliminate all creatures that can harm your land. Break through your power to the limits that surpass even the gods. Possessing precious treasures brings many benefits to yourself.

Going deeper into the world of Dragon Slayer, you will find a lot of extraordinary things there. From quality images to various features, it’s all there. Showing the superiority of the game manufacturers of Korea. With turn-based role-playing gameplay, you will never get bored. Witness the stunning combat effects shown during the experience. Free you from dull moments of life.

Dragon Slayer mod

Download Dragon Slayer mod – Fight and show the bravery of a hero

The kingdom you live in is becoming increasingly dilapidated and terrifying. Not accepting that to happen, a group of talented heroes gathered. Ready to destroy those evil forces to retake the throne from the king. Restore peace to the people everywhere in the kingdom. The battles will be designed in a turn-based format and require you to get used to it. Destroy all enemies on your turn to win. Get exciting loot to use and upgrade your heroes. The more things you discover, the stronger you become every day.

Dragon Slayer mod free

Hero Summon

There are many young talents you can invite to join and strengthen your squad. Each person possesses exceptional fighting skills, and the weapons they used were also treasures with terrifying power. Each character has its unique skill tree. Level up them to gain essential skill points and upgrade their abilities. Along with that is reinforcing the character’s basic stats, which are getting stronger and stronger. Combine heroes with diverse skills together in the squad. Create tremendous power sources that blow away the enemies in front of you.

Explore the kingdom

Of the quests that you participate in, the majority will be related to your kingdom. Here you can meet people from all walks of life. You can find merchants to exchange the necessary items for the character. Chat with strange people to complete assigned tasks. Explore a colorful storyline through dialogue full of essential details. The buildings will represent the features that you need to manipulate. Just click on it, and you can open the options that you need to use right away. Recreate a medieval life full of darkness and difficulty everywhere.

Dragon Slayer mod apk

Mighty Boss

The hardest thing you and your team will go through is facing the bosses. They were all high-level monsters with countless monstrous abilities. Some can summon minions, create orbs of destruction, or use their peculiar forms. More specifically, their size is also highly terrible. Makes anyone who sees them for the first time in awe of what they can do. But with teamwork and courage, you can win. Just build for each character a solid combat force index. Attractive rewards are waiting for you after the boss falls.

Dragon Slayer mod android

Collect tons of equipment

It would help if you had powerful equipment to supply your knights in battle. Help them improve their current strength quickly. Items with high rarity will have higher base stats than others. Upgrade this equipment so that they can boost more valuable stats. There will be items such as armor, weapons, helmets, jewelry, or accessories worn on the body. You can find rare equipment in boss defeat challenges. Mysterious chests are places where it is possible to see what the character needs. Fight more for the opportunity to develop the capacity of your squad.

So with Dragon Slayer mod, you’ve got yourself a unique adventure. Easy to get great wars and own powerful characters.

How to Download & Install Dragon Slayer MOD APK (Unlimited diamonds) for Android


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Is the old version working?

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Bro 22.3.0 mod menu plz

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