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There are very few games for you to freely choose and adjust the detailed character you like. But not without, even very prominent in the online game market. And the game I want to mention is TALION MOD APK. The familiar role-playing world where you will control the character created by yourself. From everything, again, everything from the character is created by you. So this game lets you explore the world with an appearance that is most similar to yourself. Or create a character that you love for a long time but have no chance to use.

Feel the mythical world and fight like a hero to save the world. TALION APK 5.7.10 provides all the necessary mechanics of an RPG to give you the freedom to be creative. Use a variety of tactics. Make friends everywhere, join many great guilds around the world. Get all the features that an MMORPG game needs to have. The highlight of TALION is mainly in the story and game modes that are much more attractive than the market.


Download TALION APK mod – Legendary World of Warriors

Right from the moment you enter the game, you will feel quite excited and interesting. When the game allows you to freely adjust the shape of your character. Every part of the body can be customized easily. Bet for many people this process will often take hours. You will then be transported into the world of TALION MOD APK. With an easy movement mechanism by following buttons on the screen. It only takes a short time to get used to and master. Next is the process of doing missions, fighting monsters, equipping weapons, and leveling up the MMORPG’s daily routine.

But wait, does this seem too boring? The assertion is definitely not in TALION. Because the tasks are not dry, but very interesting and diverse. The weapon system possesses great power and is beautiful. Along with that, players from all over the world are still around you. Show that you are not alone but there are many people still enjoying this game in the most fun way. Of course if still not too enthusiastic about the task. You are completely free to roam and explore this vast world.

TALION mod apk

A few things to get used to

Still know that weapons and equipment are too familiar to RPG players. However, we must be familiar with each type of equipment in TALION to be able to classify them easily. Often they will do a basic self-categorization for you as to which profession and race are suitable. However, you need to learn how to use them in many different battles and situations. Up to a certain level, you will unlock more costumes to change your appearance. Gorgeous wings that increase power. And the spirit mode followed like an assistant. It feels exactly the same as many games before it. But it doesn’t cause any boredom.

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Join a guild for effective combat

Joining a guild is essential. When you are at a fairly high level and possess great power. Instead of traveling alone, go with friends to share experiences and effective ways to play. Moreover, working for a guild also gives you a lot of attractive incentives for a member. Along with many exciting exploration battles to destroy the game’s most powerful bosses. More chaotic clan raids is the right time for everyone to unite again. Defeat the opponent to gain victory and glory, the reward is extremely generous.

TALION mod apk free

Defeat the world boss to complete the mission

The ultimate story mission in TALION is to defeat the world’s deadliest Dragon Planerin. The one holding the Great Gate, the most mysterious thing in this game. All the masters in the world gather here to fight together. By all means, kill the giant dragon. There is hope to open the gate and reveal the secrets that have been hidden since time immemorial. That is the ultimate goal of the game. However, if you don’t care about it, that’s okay too. Because your main purpose is to have fun with your friends. If you are a fan of fame, fight to prove your strength.

TALION android

Along with lots of regular and quality updates. Add a community of extremely fun and enthusiastic players. TALION has built its initial success with players. There is still a long way to go for the game to become more complete. Follow TALION mod to show you are interested and loyal players to this game.

How to Download & Install TALION APK for Android


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