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Updated 13/12/2022 (1 year ago)
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The turn-based super hit COUNTER: SIDE has officially been released. The never-ending battle in the fantasy future world. You will be the leader of this squad. In the context of the world being destroyed by the failure of the government’s management and administration. The city is now more chaotic than ever. The sudden appearance of a strange thing called a Counter. The city’s ability to resist disorder has improved and grown steadily. And your warrior’s city defense missions will not stop.

NEXON’s freestyle turn-based game. You will control a party of warrior members. Fight in a futuristic world setting. Against monsters, strange entities are spreading terror to this world. You will follow the stories of the characters. Find out more secrets about this futuristic city. Unravel the secrets behind the chaos of government. On missions to bring the world back to peace.

Counterside mod

Download COUNTER: SIDE – Complete the mission in the future context

With a storyline that expands many different characters. Doesn’t revolve around any of the main characters. Or perhaps the main character is you. The one who can save the world from chaos. By fighting with powerful warriors. Possesses many different powers and personalities. In the same spacetime. Fight strange monsters created from chaos. Only with important thinking and strategy can victory be won. Step into many different levels. Clash with new characters and episodes. Learn more about the main story in COUNTER: SIDE.

Battles will be encapsulated in an area slightly larger than a smartphone screen. You can swipe through each area with your finger. Your warriors will move freely across this area. Along with the enemy move continuously and attack. You can have the warrior automatically attack. Either automatically use the skill or only when needed. Depending on your tactics, arrange the squad in different ways. With different situations and real random chance will appear unexpected.

Counterside mod apk

Hire many mercenaries in the team

COUNTER: SIDE will introduce its warriors for the first time. With many different fighting styles and strange personalities. You will need a process to get acquainted with Juju-Yoon, Kim So-bin… The characters have strange personalities but possess special powers that are not the same. Ultimate skills with high attack power. Can cut across the world or attack with all the weapons in battle. Upgrade strength, level, and rank for warriors. Aim to unlock more unique new features and skills. Show your strength on the battlefield in the most obvious way.

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Warrior’s Weapon Development

You will have a lot of weapons to equip your warriors with. Their main strength lies in their inner core. But if there is no weapon to promote, it will lose a lot of valuable upgrades. For that power to be developed most effectively. So buy a lot of equipment for different warriors. So that everyone can show their strength in the most perfect way. Win every battle against enemies and other players. Good coordination between the members is also a great function to perform the most powerful combos.

Counterside mod free

Use strategy for every game mode

For COUNTER: SIDE, the difficulty of the normal story mode is already an uncomfortable challenge for players. When you finish these levels after another, you will have to fight with the most powerful entities. It is necessary to know clearly about their powers and what they possess. To be able to devise the necessary strategies to destroy them by any means. If you master it, you will be able to play PvP modes more smoothly. But it will be a surprise and thrill if you can meet a player with the same or higher level as you. Show all you have in hand to make the battle more attractive.

Counterside mod mod

Along with graphic design in the form of 2.5D closest to the real. Smooth movement of the characters. Attacks and skills use special effects. COUNTER: SIDE is NEXON’s best turn-based strategy game of the year. And with changes, improvements in gameplay, and features. Surely the community of favorite players will not be missed for a long time to come. Download COUNTER: SITE mod and fight to protect the future world.

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