Idle Eternal Soul MOD APK (Unlimited Souls)

Updated 23/04/2021 (3 years ago)
NameIdle Eternal Soul APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Souls
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Idle Eternal Soul

When the perils of the world arose. A series of legions of demons will invade the earth. Destroying the peace of the world by chaos and destruction. But also in those seemingly hopeless periods. Warriors for the righteous will appear. Defeat the dark forces’ evil conspiracy. Bring happiness and peace to everyone. That interesting topic has been of interest to many people for a long time. Used to create extremely attractive literary and movie works. And video games are no exception, like Idle Eternal Soul.

Is a role-playing adventure game on a fairly idle form. Idle Eternal Soul tells about the journey to discover many mysterious lands. Magical all the monsters raging that place of the expedition team has an unknown origin. They are called soul hunters. Although not humans, but will still fight monsters to preserve peace everywhere. If you are a collector of antiques, virtual rare weapons. This will also be a suitable game for you. Let’s explore the world in every corner. Accompany powerful army and defeat all evil forces.

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Download Idle Eternal Soul – Conquer the world with the army of souls

Idle Eternal Soul is easy to get used to and play with for a long time. Even if you are not a veteran player. High feats will still be achieved in this game. Simple game mechanics when just pressing the screen in all functions. The game is divided into many screens into different regions. You will master your squad to fight monsters and complete the level if you win. In the early stages, the number of hunters will be quite limited. You have to be patient through many lands. Upgrade your squad and send more powerful hunters. Challenge yourself in different difficulty levels so that they prove to be the best hunter commander.

With a piece of rather a dark color information in Idle Eternal Soul. In the beginning, you won’t have a lot of sympathy for the game. But if the experience is serious and objective. You will realize that this game has a story with its very own meaning. Same simple game mode but need a certain thought in gameplay. Will definitely make you fidgety with the chaotic combat from your legion. What could be better than destroying all monsters with the hunters I commanded.

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Soul Hunter Upgrade

The protagonist of this combat journey is you, of course. And along with the hunters, they are the soul of the entire game. With many different roles and occupations. You have a collection of hundreds of hunters. Create a legion limited to 6 people per level. Each person will have a close connection with another depending on the plot and strength. Prioritize using them in the combat formation. Next is the hunters who can support each other. As a Tanker will protect the team so that Archer and Warrior can comfortably deal damage. Meanwhile, the Healer under the squad is in charge of restoring the entire team. A strong squad needs an intelligent player.

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Armed with the most powerful weapons

To ensure maximum safety and equipment for the hunters, to help them maximize their strength. The arsenal system was born as another way to upgrade the power of hunters. Each weapon will depend on the profession and the properties of each hunter. Of course, you cannot equip an ax for an archer. Most of them are earned from defeating monsters through levels. You can also replenish the missing equipment for hunters through the shop and elsewhere. Possesses a series of powerful weapons with soaring stats. Will definitely wipe out all the land you go through. Just remember to upgrade and equip properly.

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Challenging PvP arena

When you become too classy compared to the rest of the game, of course, it’s PvE. Maybe it’s time you try out PvP mode, where you will play against real players. I have 2 tips that are quite helpful for you. The first is not to be too complacent with your strength while in PvE. Because if you experience PvP, you will surely fail continuously. The second is not to be too pessimistic about your power. Professional players are amateurs that can grow. It is due to thinking and practicing perseverance. So let’s practice and learn with confidence. You will certainly reach the level that many people want.

IES mod apk free

The attraction that Idle Eternal Soul brings is very effective for the community of players. Have easy to get used to, but still require logical thinking. The same idle game mode is not too complicated. You can fight monsters anywhere you like and at any time. Because now we have smartphones in hand. Everything will become simpler and simpler day by day. So let’s download Idle Eternal Soul now and explore the epic hunter world.

How to Download & Install Idle Eternal Soul MOD APK (Unlimited Souls) for Android


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