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Updated 08/05/2022 (2 years ago)
NameLast Resistance APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesFree shopping
SupportAndroid 7.0+
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Last Resistance MOD APK detail?

Last Resistance mod version

  • Note, the mod feature only works on rooted devices.

Introduce MOD APK Last Resistance

Nowadays, zombie games are becoming more and more interesting and popular with players. Zombies are living corpses. They have lost the human body part, their bodies only move to serve the purpose of the remaining instinct, that is to eat. If one day in the future, a catastrophe breaks out of the undead, are you willing to pick up weapons to destroy them? The game Last Resistance wants to show you a world in the black of despair when there are zombies everywhere.

Last Resistance, is well received by many gamers. As a survival role-playing game. You participate in the battles to become the strongest survivor. Test your gunner skills in every battle. Plan your strategy. Fight and attack as a real gunman. Get ready for attack. It’s time to fight for your survival in the zombie apocalypse in this dangerous survival shooter. BAD 2 BAD: EXTINCTION, Hero Tale also brings you worthy characters to role-play and cope with challenges.

Last Resistance mod

Download Last Resistance mod – Survive the zombie disaster

Play as a character who wants to survive and rescue the people of your area. Find and collect weapons. Combine them with armor to fight the zombies. The pandemic is spreading out more and more and faster and people need a hero. That is you! Rescue each zombie-infested area. With the sole goal of survival. The grim reaper is coming and the battlefield is only for the best shooting heroes. So do whatever it takes to survive this catastrophic war.

The zombies you have to confront have many different shapes and combat abilities. There are extremely fast and dangerous corpses with huge damage, requiring you to observe carefully and dodge their moves. Takedown all the undead that are chasing you. Rescue the people who are in danger when the zombie’s attack. Listen to their stories for the most accurate moves.

Last Resistance mod free

Upgrade weapons for yourself

Search for equipment and kill zombies. Loot items to collect weapon materials to become more powerful. Weapons are freely created according to your preferences. Create your own gun using gun parts you pick up. Upgrade and combine parts to become the strongest survivor. Use skills to complete difficult levels. When your level is high, you will be adding new, more diverse skills for the types of guns you use.

Last Resistance mod apk

Many new characters and pets

Through many gates, you will get characters with different abilities, to increase damage, speed of shooting to fight zombies. Each character will bring their own unique outfits to create diversity for players to choose from. You will also have pets as companions on your journey. The animals can increase your visibility over a larger area. Find a companion that you like the most.

Last Resistance mod mod

Missions and events

Last Resistance has a lot of quests you need to complete. Each mission will have rewards such as experience, gold, weapon crafting materials… Complete the assigned tasks to enhance weapons and protective gear to avoid the skills that zombies cause. . In addition to quests, major in-game events will bring you a much greater past. Please complete the events before the time ends to increase your income and weapons.

Play with friends

The game allows you to connect with other players around the world. You can invite your friends to fight together in the survival wars. Take your time from killing zombies to challenging your friends in online PvP battles. Not only are the brutal battles filled with zombies, but you also fight with other players to stand on the rankings of Last Resistance. Create the right strategies to defeat each of the toughest opponents. Put your name on the top rankings. Become the strongest survivor with your unique tactics.

Last Resistance free

It can be said that Last Resistance is a unique and innovative survival action role-playing game. Set in the whole humanity in the time of zombies, you win and become a survivor. Have you wanted to step into the dark and crazy world of zombies? Then download to experience the Last Resistance mod right now. Design your heroes with skills. Take part in the survival war with hordes of barbaric zombies. Fight hard to survive.

How to Download & Install Last Resistance MOD APK (Free shopping) for Android


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