Cyber Hero: Robot Invaders MOD APK (God mode) 0.1.2

Updated 31/07/2022 (2 years ago)
NameCyber Hero: Robot Invaders APK
PublisherRocket Game Studio
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesGod mode
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Cyber Hero: Robot Invaders

Lost in the outer space of Cyber ​​Hero: Robot Invaders, you will be led to interesting locations. Another role-playing game combining combat is no stranger to gamers. The appearance is modeled after the adorable cartoon characters. Put on your outer space suit. You will be confronted by thieves from aliens. An extremely new and exciting experience for those who intend to join this game. Although the game’s motif is familiar to many people, Cyber ​​Hero: Robot Invaders has unique features that other games do not have.

The makers of Cyber ​​Hero: Robot Invaders have blown into the game a coherent and humane story. When the earth is on the brink of the danger of the attack of the alien army. A cosmic war between planets has broken out. Evil soldiers gathered from robots. Alien monsters step down. The sirens have been raised for our dear earth. You will play as a space hero with an outstanding astronaut suit. Join the army that the government calls to assemble. Together with comrades, heroically destroy the goals and intentions of the enemy.

Cyber Hero Robot Invaders mod apk

Download Cyber ​​Hero: Robot Invaders mod – transform into a cosmic hero to participate in the fight to protect the earth from aliens

This space army was founded by the government of Cyber ​​Hero: Robot Invaders. Each has explosive powers with colorful guns. By joining this army, you will be involved in the battles against the alien army. The fighting strength of the two sides is equal; it is challenging to distinguish between victory and defeat. Therefore, you will be an indispensable character of this army. Always accompanies the assault gun. You will lead the military on a long road covered with trials and lowly soldiers. The battle takes place all the way, and you need to open the way for the army to reach the destination, which is the exit.

Cyber Hero Robot Invaders mod


Choose your gun

In each contest, players will be equipped with their weapons, Cyber ​​Hero: Robot Invaders is no exception. You will be provided with a rifle with you. Cyber ​​Hero: Robot Invaders has a store of different guns. You can choose a cardboard gun with your astronaut outfit. Or choose a gun with your favorite color. A weapon with great destructive power is also a good choice. They will fire bullets of the same color as their appearance. These guns not only fire shots but also fire sparks. It can also shoot fireballs with great destructive power.

Cyber Hero Robot Invaders apk free

Defeat the alien boss

With a typical RPG like this, Cyber ​​Hero: Robot Invaders has pitfalls everywhere. Along the way to the enemy, you will encounter many obstacles and challenges. Besides that, there were nameless soldiers. Robots with three heads and six arms. But meeting the boss of these robots is the most important thing. Commanded and led by a giant robot, super strong. This monster flies in the air with two different lightning guns in both hands. The eyes sparkled red and blue. The body was modeled like an assembled car. Fighting with this robot, the player must be meticulous and pay attention to the blow.

Cyber Hero Robot Invaders apk

Pick your favorite character.

In addition to finding the right gun for you, finding the most substantial character is also an interesting point. In the beginning you will be able to choose the gender of the character. Then there are the outstanding and majestic costumes. Usually female characters will be equipped with hair of different colors. The male characters will wear helmets or reflective eyeglasses. Each jump of these characters is also exciting to be able to rotate. In addition, after playing, you can increase your personality. Or choose your battle army to see who is the most robust character. It is possible to upgrade the combat stats and optimize for your character.

Cyber Hero Robot Invaders android

Cyber ​​Hero: Robot Invaders also allows players to create a protective shield. This function is only available when your character is high level and can be used for a specific time. Avoid being attacked and impacted by alien robots. Some robots even carry their support character or an army of soldiers. Graphics combined with great sounds and music. This game is created with gentle strokes suitable for both adults and children. Download Cyber ​​Hero: Robot Invaders mod; transform into a galaxy warrior and fight the invasion of evil alien robots.

How to Download & Install Cyber Hero: Robot Invaders MOD APK (God mode) for Android


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