Three Kingdoms Idle MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Gold) 1.0.46

Updated 23/03/2024 (4 months ago)
NameThree Kingdoms Idle APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited Gold
SupportAndroid 5.1+
Get it onGoogle Play
Three Kingdoms Idle MOD APK detail?

Install Steps: Important before using the mod
1. Install the Original APK via Playstore
2. Open the game and notice that you are signed in with Google ID (Please make sure your Playstore is signed in)
3. Close the game
4. Go to Android/data/com.mobirix.mbtkd folder and rename it to something else (e.g. com.mobirix.mbtkdXXX)
5. Uninstall the game
6. Install MOD APK
7. Rename com.mobirix.mbtkdXXX folder back to com.mobirix.mbtkd
8. Open the game and enjoy


Introduce MOD APK Three Kingdoms Idle

Three Kingdoms Idle MOD APK helps you gain combat experiences in the Warring States period. You will return to a time in history when powerful Chinese kingdoms existed. It is the Three Kingdoms period, and you are forced to fight in this war era. But to be able to resist, you need to become a leader in one of three countries. Every country has talented generals, and they are the objects for you to show off your talent. So quickly create an army and join the battles with heroes. Get ready for the task of leading talented generals in combat history to face all challenges.

The mission you receive when you return to the war era is to win every war. There are three central countries with famous generals and strong military forces. So, you will be exposed to action-style battles with many others. They will be your opponents, so you must quickly upgrade your strength. You will own talented generals by recruiting heroes from the Three Kingdoms period. They will help you control soldiers to fight on every battlefield to confront enemies. Embark on a quest to fight and explore in the ancient wars of China.

Three Kingdoms Idle mod

Download Three Kingdoms Idle MOD APK – Fight to overcome all challenges during the Three Kingdoms period

You will lead a mighty army of your choice in a bygone historical era. And that was the Three Kingdoms period, where you could directly show the most talented generals. So it would be best to choose your force by looking for famous generals to fight. They will join you to form a team and fight in arenas to prove themselves. But you will not be strong initially and must upgrade your strength in war. To get resources, you need to conquer opponents with your leadership abilities. Challenge your ability to command the Three Kingdoms heroes to fight and defeat the arenas.

Three Kingdoms Idle apk

Form a team of heroes

To be eligible to participate and experience historic battles, you need an army. They are a collection of Three Kingdoms heroes with outstanding reputations and strength. So when you come into contact with them, you will have exciting fighting experiences. There will be many heroes for you to find and collect as you overcome different challenges. That is the reward for you to choose and create a powerful army. But they will exist in the form of cards; when completed, you will have a complete deck. Build an army with famous heroes of the Three Kingdoms period in Three Kingdoms Idle MOD APK.

Three Kingdoms Idle mod apk

Upgrade combat power

You have successfully created a heroic team with many cards of famous generals. You can join them in conquering the manageable stories in the initial challenging levels. However, as time passes, your opponents will gain greater strength. So, it would be best if you upgraded your heroes so that they level up their fighting skills. Everyone possesses different weapons and powers so that you can learn and upgrade them. You can help them collect summoned beasts and superior equipment or improve their stats in each battle. Upgrade the heroes in your party and prepare to face challenges with them.

Three Kingdoms Idle free

Conquer all arena levels

Three Kingdoms heroes with upgraded powers will fight with you in challenges. And in this world, you are not the only one who owns those heroes. So diverse arenas will be where you and they compete to see who is the better leader. First, learn and mode to find online opponents and fight them. If you don’t have enough ability to win, join the Infinity Tower to train your strength. Or you can enter a clan to have more resources on memorable battlefields. Show your strength and leadership as you fight with your team of heroes in battles.

Three Kingdoms Idle android

You will join a team of heroes with powerful abilities to fight in the Warring States period. That’s when you go back to the past with the desire to experience the ancient feeling of fighting. So, to win against online opponents, upgrade your team’s strength. There will be many activities for you to do, such as collecting equipment or supporting beasts. But don’t forget you must compete with powerful opponents and look for allies. By joining a clan, you will have a faster growth rate with resources. Download Three Kingdoms Idle MOD APK to experience and conquer the Three Kingdoms wars.

How to Download & Install Three Kingdoms Idle MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Gold) for Android


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