Dragon Paradise City MOD APK (Unlimited money, food) 1.3.72

Updated 16/11/2023 (3 months ago)
NameDragon Paradise City APK
PublisherInsparofaith Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, food
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Dragon Paradise City MOD APK Information

You can use money, food even if you don’t have enough

Introduce MOD APK Dragon Paradise City

Raising dragons is often seen as just a pipe dream, but it is the ultimate reality with Dragon Paradise City. This is a magical land with magic everywhere. In it, you can raise adorable dragons with your experience. Help them grow up and strong to unleash flying high in the sky. Build a dragon kingdom with hundreds of species living there. You are the dragon trainer chosen in the legend. Operate the new world in the direction that you have decided to choose.

Dragon Paradise City game is built in simulation style for touch devices. It has an impressive graphic background with a lot of rich colors. From how to operate the gameplay to the features are made in various ways. This is what makes players all over the world appreciate it. Not only that, but it also plays a role as a pet-raising simulator. Make players have to self-direct and find the best development method. From there, you automatically become creative in own way that you want.

Dragon Paradise City mod

Download Dragon Paradise City mod – Build the great city of dragons

To get used to this game, you will be guided through all the necessary operations by the system. The first is to place the dragon eggs in the right environment. After the eggs hatch successfully, you will receive experience and bonuses. Feed that dragon by providing food for it to grow. You will build farms that produce food to harvest whenever you need it. From there, you can develop your model much more widely. The higher the level, the more exciting features you discover. You will find many exciting ways to make things get better and better over time.

Dragon Paradise City mod free

Collect dragons

Of course, you need healthy dragons to make your island richer. You can get a lot of different types of dragon eggs through the quests. Dragons will be divided into elements in nature such as water, fire, earth, nature,… Each type needs a suitable habitat on the island for easy development. You need to put them in the corresponding environment and wait to grow. There will be over a hundred different types of dragons with unique abilities. Create your collection of legendary dragons by working hard in the game. Every week there will be many new dragons added to the event.

Dragon Paradise City mod apk

Breeding for dragons

Purebred dragons usually do not have outstanding characteristics in terms of their strength. That is why the hybrid feature will allow you to break the limit. This feature works by pairing two random dragons to develop their love. Then a lucky dragon egg will be spawned from the female dragon. It will carry the attributes of one of the original dragons when mating. This randomness will give you a better chance of creating dragons. Help add many new forms to the species list on your island. Merge to develop dragons you’ve never seen before.

Evolution for dragons

Dragons at birth are just weak creatures with unsurpassed stats. But that is only the initial level, and their potential is much greater than that. Let’s evolve dragons by providing them with food every time they are hungry. The dragons, after meeting the conditions of maturity, will become. Players will have to use materials to help them evolve successfully. Each dragon will have three evolutionary cycles that apply to all species. Each time they develop, their appearance will be changed and become stronger. Take advantage of this method to build a mighty army of adult dragons of your own.

Dragon Paradise City mod android

Fight to be stronger

To become a great dragon trainer, you need to fight with others. There are many other trainers distributed around the world. You will have to create a team consisting of any four dragons of your choice. You can bring the most assertive individuals into the team to optimize your strength. Then enter PvP mode, and the system will randomly find a worthy opponent for you. Both will take turns bringing their dragons to fight until destroying the opponent. The winner will receive a lot of great rewards. It gives you a chance to increase your Dragon Paradise City mod rating.

How to Download & Install Dragon Paradise City MOD APK (Unlimited money, food) for Android


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