My Giga Factory MOD APK (Unlimited money) 0.6

Updated 02/08/2022 (2 years ago)
NameMy Giga Factory APK
PublisherPetr Zakharov
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play

Introduce MOD APK My Giga Factory

My Giga Factory is a fun simulation game about factory management. Welcome to the whole process of construction, manufacturing, and packaging,…Do you want to experience the noise and agile progress of the machines. Boring business models take a lot of energy. You want to change the atmosphere and relax more with an automatic factory model. My Giga Factory always puts everyone’s needs first. Create a comfortable feeling for players but still really attractive. You want to learn and operate a factory in the future but still do not know the process. Then this game is highly reasonable for you to get used to it!

You think that for a factory to exist, there must be complicated processes. It is a mistake when you have a lot of capital and business. The game allows you to build factories in any location that feels convenient and free. The way of working must be efficient and productive. Returns should be double the capital invested. That way, the new factory has more reputation, and you will become a wealthy boss.

My Giga Factory mod

Download My Giga Factory mod – build a factory

As always, a good start always brings success. The first My Giga Factory will invest you a little capital to start a business first. Then, of course, you must know how to produce and support to get as much profit as possible. The initial capital must be increased to develop the factory. Only then will you succeed and become a great factory business tycoon. Don’t think about the distant future if you don’t work hard. Stop all thinking and start a new turning point. You will own an empty land and a vehicle to move and carry materials. Build the first factory on this vacant lot and start the fuel production process. It will automatically work and produce the first finished product.

My Giga Factory apk

Profitable business

After our factory produces finished products, you can exchange and trade for profit. Use the car to carry fuel and move to the place to sell. There will be countless customers and merchants coming to buy materials! Remember, the more energy you sell, the more money you earn. Hard work and good product quality will attract many customers. When you get a decent profit, use it to build more factories and make plans to develop the country. Your factory will become increasingly famous, and the boss will sit and count the money. The vitality of the factory depends on these customers.

My Giga Factory mod apk

Building upgrade

Our factory needs to be upgraded to increase productivity and speed up the production process. The upgrading factors here are scale and market expansion. Also, invest and unlock equipment to produce fuel. Machines also had to be innovated to yield more speed. Save time and increase the value of factory products. A modern factory will make the best products. After serving satisfied customers, they will come to your factory for wholesale and consumption. The next step is to capture fuel and deliver products on that fuel. Then, build a factory to produce and produce finished products. The factory has many roles and various products to compete with competitors.

Idle business

When owning a large factory, the amount of work will be a lot, so there will be some employees to lend you a hand. Contribute and join hands to develop the factory more and more. There will be an automatic mode when you don’t manage the plant. Equipment and machines will still work hard as usual. When you enter the game, you just need to collect money from the profits it brings. Remember that the more you expand and boost the productivity of your factories, the faster you will get rich. A fuel production farm is waiting for someone to come and run it. The game is easy to use because, from the beginning, there will be arrows to guide you. So you need to touch the screen.

My Giga Factory androidAn empire in which you will have complete control and create your modern production line factory. Own the most advanced equipment that no one else has. Money in your pocket will increase rapidly, and the factory business will call your name. Experience this with friends to see who owns the most factories. Download My Giga Factory mod and experience it with your friends to see who owns the most factories.

How to Download & Install My Giga Factory MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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