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Updated on 14/04/2021 (2 years ago)
NameMy Ghost Girlfriend APK
PublisherGenius Studio Japan Inc.
MOD FeaturesFree Premium choices
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Most dating games revolve around a single main character. During the process of learning and building feelings with other characters. Today we have My Ghost Girlfriend based on the same elements. This motif in recent times has created a unique attraction. When gamers experience the process of falling over a handsome boy or a beautiful and attractive girl. The reason why there’s been a lot of attention focused on recent dating titles is most romantic. Fascinated beautiful boys or girls. At the same time discover more about each story behind them.

Developed by Genius Studio, a company that is already familiar with many gamers about the popular dating simulator games on the market. Part of such games is loved by the players being able to make choices. Each of these options has a small impact on the story you are playing. It puts a lot of weight and pressure on in-game decision-making. And today we will talk about My Ghost Girlfriend.


Download My Ghost Girlfriend mod – Dating with ghosts

Getting into high school is pretty good news for you. As a freshman, you set out on a search to rent a place to live throughout your school years. However, it seems that renting a cheap and satisfying accommodation is not a simple thing. You roam the city and get pretty excited to find a place where you can comfortably live. You feel that this is the perfect place to get right now.

However, you suddenly get the feeling that this place is definitely not just you. And your hunch is completely correct when this place also seals the souls of 3 girls that you do not know. You are with a ghost and you are only human, sounds pretty scary right. But what if it were three beautiful and young girls. Although they are stuck here, they do not harm you. They just have some things to do before they escape, and desperately need your help. So you have started the journey to conquer the hearts of 3 girls. Though it’s a bit different.

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Get acquainted with the main characters

The first is Tahlia, a rather tough and determined girl. But having trouble expressing her words. She is also trapped in this world due to her burning intention to take revenge on the person who killed herself. Laura is extremely sensitive and very attentive. It seems that her death has caused torment among family members. Furthermore, Laura is very open and is someone you can get along with most easily. The third is Natasha, the student council president who was alive and has the most voice of the three. Worrying about her best friend alive before was the main reason why she was still stuck in this place.

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Increase interaction with girls

Every ghost is a person, died because of its own reason. You have the option of accepting to help them to be closer to 3 people. Get to know each person one by one and grasp their situation. Choose the right words to ease their pain. If each person can truly express their feelings and touch your heart. Respond with a few emotional gestures, such as hugging. Or say you really love her and understand what she’s thinking inside. Will definitely score a very impressive point with beautiful girls.

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Revealing more interesting details

When you make a decision in the game. There will be 3 possible cases. The first is that the plot in the story is pushed to the highest point. Everything seemed like it could fall apart and end at any time. The second is that nothing will happen, the story continues as usual. These are often the right choices. Finally, the story will be guided by an episode that you could not expect. That’s when you unlock the hidden storyline in the game. You can try again whenever you want with the chapter replay function.

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My Ghost Girlfriend is not generally the most special dating simulator at the moment. But definitely has a very unique storyline that you can try out. No one would have expected that one day I would go out with a ghost. In this game, it happened and we will be the ones to enjoy it directly. Download My Ghost Girlfriend mod now and capture the hearts of charming ghosts.

Download My Ghost Girlfriend MOD APK (Free Premium choices) for Android

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