Kung Fu Clicker MOD APK (God mode) 1.20.1

Updated 12/09/2021 (2 years ago)
NameKung Fu Clicker APK
MOD FeaturesGod mode
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Kung Fu Clicker

The game’s title, Kung Fu Clicker, will take you to a world of martial arts. Diverse sects, fighting styles. The play depicts the life of people who always practice and learn martial arts. Bring in your passion, protect the honor of the dojo. A lot of things you can see in the game. Let’s take a look at some interesting special features right below.

This is a reasonably light game but still has the spirit of martial arts. Players have complete control over everything in this game. You will develop your dojo, train the disciples. Keep track of the activities happening inside the game. Fight the forces of darkness as they attack. Expand your territory, pass on martial arts to everyone. The more people you learn, the more your dojo will grow. Show your passion for martial arts for everyone to see.

Kung Fu Clicker mod android

Download Kung Fu Clicker mod – Bring your dojo to its flourishing time

Kung Fu Clicker is a training ground simulation game for martial arts. Comes with fresh, vivid comic graphics. Characters with lovely shapes, funny and exciting expressions. Surrounded by disciples practicing with various forms. Describe everyone’s training, even during breaks. Along with that is a diverse fighting style, using beautiful kicks and fists. The game will take you to a real dojo. Where everyone races, trains together.

In this game, the player will be a martial arts master opening a martial arts school. This dojo has been passed down to you. Due to their long-standing popularity, evil gang groups are always looking for ways to wreak havoc. So it would help if you found a way to rebuild the dojo, making it more solid. Defend your dojo. Increase defense, raise vigilance against strangers. And you will not have to fight alone. The masters and students will support you at all times. Help the disciples to have an excellent environment to practice.

Kung Fu Clicker mod free

Rich training environment

Players have full rights to build a training area for martial artists to study here. Each floor will be a different room such as a kitchen, a dressing room, a meditation room… With the correct training methods, it makes a lot of difference. Martial arts disciples will be trained in unique ways, alone or in collaboration with teammates. Train them methodically, exercise their strength to continue following the chosen martial arts path.

Kung Fu Clicker mod apk

Build a solid synagogue

Despite all weather, even the cold, the synagogue in Kung Fu Clicker is permanently active. There will be a change in the way to practice accordingly. The shadow group will always lurk around unexpectedly, so you need to defend yourself very firmly. Upgrade the dojo, add equipment to attract more disciples. You will earn more money. Then use the funds to continue to improve the quality of education here. Teach martial arts to followers, enhancing their skills. Ready to protect the synagogue when attacked by bad guys.

Kung Fu Clicker mod

Looking for masters

For your dojo to develop, it is indispensable for masters. Find and collect the masters ahead to aid when the enemy rolls in. Each person will have their martial arts style. For example, archery, swordsmanship, Judo… With different weapons specific to their sect. There are a few masters who use fascinating fighting methods such as using food and makeup when encountering enemies. Don’t forget to upgrade, unlock more skills, increase their power: many beautiful attacks, new fighting styles of the masters.

Dramatic struggles

Currently, in Kung Fu Clicker, your dojo is a danger to the bad guys. They are afraid of disciples coming out from this place. So it will always be silently, stalking to attack. Destroy the success you build every day. Therefore, by all means, you must prevent them. Don’t let the shadow group get too deep into your dojo. When defeating an illegal intruder, the player will receive a chest. Unlocks to receive rewards to upgrade the dojo.

Kung Fu Clicker mod apk free

Kung Fu Clicker mod game will give you an exciting experience about martial arts. The way to practice is complex, and it takes a lot of practice. Build an excellent synagogue for all disciples to study, find many interesting things inside the game. Defeat the evil group of shadows that are always trying to infiltrate your training ground. Take the victory for yourself and continue to govern this martial arts synagogue.

How to Download & Install Kung Fu Clicker MOD APK (God mode) for Android


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