Dragon Hills 2 MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.2.15

Updated 20/09/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameDragon Hills 2 APK
PublisherRebel Twins
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Introduce Dragon Hills 2 MOD APK

Along with the brave princess and the mighty dragon fighting the zombies in Dragon Hills 2. After a tiring battle against the enemies, the dragon fell into a deep sleep. The princess returned to her castle and ruled the kingdom through time. But both were hit by a natural force and transported to the modern world. This place is full of modernity, which urges the two to explore together. And the princess and the dragon must unite again when their enemies appear. Help the princess and dragon purge the zombies that emerged from the virus and save the world.

Tmightyful dragon was in a deep sleep, and the princess was awakened at the same time. Some mysterious force informed the two of the presence of zombies. Once again, the battle cooperation between humans and sacred dragons began. Their enemies this time are evermore villagers when they are zombies that viruses have invaded. Moreover, the people behind the zombies may be aliens who want to take over the earth. They could be the ones who spread the virus to earth and started a plan to destroy everything. Fight with the brave princess on the mighty dragon against the planet’s undead.

Dragon Hills 2 android

Download Dragon Hills 2 mod – Control sacred dragons against zombie enemies

The time to sleep after the war and the dragons have again awakened. And on top of the dragon, one saw the familiar silhouette of a girl. It was a brave princess who joined her dragon to confront her enemies. Her appearance heralds the arduous war once again in the world. The enemies this time are zombies that are considered a nightmare for humanity. The two fight together and notice the shadow of zombies behind the zombie war. Awaken the mighty sacred dragon and join the princess riding it out to confront the undead.

Dragon Hills 2 apk

Overcoming challenges

You will find the feeling of fighting again when fighting with the princess and the dragon. But the opponent this time two is a large world with zombies. They are all individuals with a virus that invades their minds and takes control of their bodies. Now the enemies in front of both were lifeless people who could only move and attack. But they possess the shields of the modern world and have the ability to use poison. So you need to help the princess control the dragon to jump through the challenges of zombies. Together with the princess, lead the mighty dragon through challenging levels with the strongest zombies.

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Enhanced combat

The powerful dragons were more robust than humans and had proved their abilities. However, it had been asleep for too long and only awakened recently. And so you have to help it strengthen its combat because the enemies it faces are zombies. You can increase the durability of its skin to be able to withstand the attacks of the undead. Your dragon will become more vital if you and the princess train in battle. However, the damage from the undead will also weaken your dragon before fighting. Get ready to befriend powerful sacred dragons and increase your anti-zombie powers.

Dragon Hills 2 mod apk

Journey of discovery

The princess’s cooperation with the dragons created an absolute power against the enemy. No matter how numerous, the zombies could not resist the combined power of the two. However, they have covered the whole world, and the journey to destroy zombies has just begun. You will ride with the princess on top of the dragon and begin to explore this world. New cities filled with zombies will be your companions to battle princesses. However, behind the undead’s appearance, an alien force seems to be involved. Go on a mission to free the modern world from the zombie apocalypse and uncover the truth.

Dragon Hills 2 mod

The world goes back to the battle time when the world’s destroyers are zombies. Even though the war with darkness has just ended, the princess can still fight again. Her companion is still the mighty dragon and will help the princess overcome the ordeal. However, the modern world war will differ from the previous wars. So you have to help the princess strengthen the fighting power of the mighty dragon. Only when you combine with the princess can the two discover the cause of the pandemic. Download Dragon Hills 2 mod to control the mighty dragon with the princess to defeat all zombies.

How to Download & Install Dragon Hills 2 MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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