Dark Riddle MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Currency) 24.10.0

Updated 16/07/2024 (3 days ago)
NameDark Riddle APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited Currency
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Dark Riddle

Explore planets of horror as you begin your journey in the world of Dark Riddle. You will adventure in a world considered horror when you can find everything here. But all will be hidden in the puzzle, and you must successfully solve the puzzle to find out. And they all point to a suspicious neighbour living next door. His every move is unusual, and you want to find out what he is hiding. So you must solve puzzles to collect data and draw conclusions about the neighbour’s name. Find your neighbour’s secrets by solving the world’s puzzles.

Neighbours stick with you when you come to the new world. Because you are new to this place, you want to find information through your next-door neighbour. But when you interact with him, you see his untrustworthy expressions towards you. And you think the neighbour is hiding secrets, and he doesn’t want anyone to know. So you want to learn about your neighbour’s truth and uncover secrets. However, horror puzzles appear, and you have to solve puzzles to continue exploring. Solve your neighbour’s riddles and give answers to suspicious expressions about him.

Dark Riddle android 1

Download Dark Riddle mod – Solve mystery neighbour horror puzzles

As an amateur detective in the new world, you will have moments of thrill. In this place, you get to know a neighbour who lives right next to your house. Because you want to learn about the new world, you want to inquire about his information. However, you find the neighbour’s expression to be very unreliable. It seems he is trying to hide secrets and notices your attitude. So you must investigate your neighbours and solve puzzles to discover the secret. Overcome the challenges your neighbour creates in puzzles and solve his secrets.

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Reach the neighbours

Your neighbour in the new world is not the most reliable person you know. When in contact with you, his actions seem to be hiding secrets. And being a careful person, you discover his strange actions. So you are determined to approach your neighbour’s house and find the secrets inside. You must break into it while he is not paying attention and uncover the mystery. But you have to be very careful because he can appear to prevent you from continuing to explore. Enter the suspicious neighbour’s house and begin solving the mystery you wonder about.

Dark Riddle apk 1

Discover the secrets

You approached your neighbour and realized the mysteries he was hiding. So you decide to break into your neighbour’s building to start finding out. But the neighbour seemed to have foreseen someone wanting to break into his house. And he created puzzles to prevent anyone from entering the house. They are all horror puzzles and can intimidate anyone who wants to get inside. But you are determined to uncover his secret and will continue by solving puzzles. Collect the facts of the puzzle to conclude the neighbour’s secret.

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Against the neighbours

Your presence in the neighbour’s building made him angry. And with that situation, you know that the natural neighbour is hiding secrets. But it would be best if you found a way to escape from him when you are the one to discover the secret he hides. You can use the items found after solving the puzzle to protect yourself. They’re the tools your neighbours use to prevent intrusions, but they’ll be helpful to you now. And it would be best to use those tools effectively to prevent the neighbour from pursuing them. Uncover the secrets inside the neighbour’s house and fend them off in pursuit.

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You have discovered suspicious things when you interact with your new neighbour. He has unusual behaviour and seems to be hiding many things from you. So you want to find out what he’s hiding, so you approach his house. Inside are horror puzzles that you must persevere through to get the facts. The puzzle information will also reveal the mystery of the neighbour’s name for you to discover. However, he may discover you, and you must fight him to run away from the house. Download Dark Riddle mod to solve the neighbour’s horror puzzles and learn the truth about him.

How to Download & Install Dark Riddle MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Currency) for Android


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