Ninja Escape MOD APK (Menu/Unlocked Characters/IAP) 0.5.8

Updated 12/04/2024 (3 days ago)
NameNinja Escape APK
PublisherYso Corp
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlocked Characters/IAP
SupportAndroid 5.0 +
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Introduce MOD APK Ninja Escape

Run away from those who are stalking you and want to take your head at Ninja Escape. Everyone suspects that you are a traitor when you kill the Emperor. But no one but your teammates believes what you say. Therefore, they helped you escape from the Japanese army. The samurai have created pitfalls on the way to prevent your escape. There will be times when they come face to face to confront you. Try to destroy them all, and don’t let anyone chase you. The comrades will help you to distract the attention of the soldiers. Each person has unique abilities, and it is incredibly harmful to destroy opponents.

Terrible speed, action sequences, and continuous dodging are the primary colors of this picture. With the lightning speed of the top shadow assassins, the obstacles that must be dodged continuously, and the enemies constantly appearing to chase, it will make the brain bounce numbers quickly to handle situations In front of eyes. Not only that but calculating the cooldown time is also essential for survival. Map out a series of scenarios and plans for the next step of action is almost mandatory as the level becomes more and more challenging to overcome. Try hard; the results will never depend on your effort.

Ninja Escape mod free min

Download Ninja Escape mod apk – The Escape of innocent assassins from the Land of the rising sun.

Japan has long been famous for its Samurai or Ninjas. But these are two very different types of warriors in the culture and history of this country. The Samurai are mentioned with a brave spirit and extremely brave on the battlefield. They are the royal force and are willing to die to preserve their honor with the Seppuku ritual. But the Ninjas are the opposite; they are assassins in the dark with assassination missions. They work in an organized manner and have their strengths regarding hiding and appearing like ghosts. What if the Ninja had to confront a powerful Samurai army one day? That will be clearly shown in this game.

Ninja Escape free min

The grievances of a top customer

The country’s ruler was mysteriously assassinated while attending a festival. The trick is elegant and leaves no trace. This makes those around you suspect that only you can do this. Because of that, the country begins frantically searching for you with a wanted notice. However, you are unaware of this because you are busy assassinating a perverted business person. When you returned to your residence, the teacher was very alarmed to see you and urged you to leave quickly. Everything happened so suddenly; you had no other choice, so you had to leave. He only had time to send a few elite disciples to assist you.

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Enemy dispersion of teammates and thorny road

When escaping, you have to face countless paths with death traps. I don’t know who made it, but with such a large number, you must keep running to exit the kernel. The teammates were also overwhelmed by the extreme difficulty of these roads. But when they met the army, they understood everything. Everyone takes turns confronting this mighty army. Each person has the skills to throw different objects, such as hidden weapons or explosive bombs, to injure the opponent.

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A massive force of the state

Upon receiving the order, the powerful samurai force set out to start hunting you. However, when they realized that your talent was not to be underestimated and had killed many soldiers, they had to think of other strategies. Not only that, but your accomplices are also extremely harmful, so the head of the arresting force has devised a plan. He dispersed his forces and spread them out across the country to encircle them from everywhere. After that, he started with his army to quickly build deadly roads with countless agencies and traps. In addition, he also increased the army’s training so that those who went to the battlefield later became stronger.

Ninja Escape mod apk free min

Increasing difficulty and rewards

When completing each level, teammates will be gradually unlocked. When you reach 100%, you can completely replace using the new character instead of the original guy. Those are beautiful gifts; nothing more is needed. Simply because each person is already unique in the user experience. Moreover, later, the characters become more powerful than the previous ones. Escape from the army with friends at Ninja Escape mod apk.

How to Download & Install Ninja Escape MOD APK (Menu/Unlocked Characters/IAP) for Android


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