DOOM DAYS: Fire Shooter MOD APK (Unlimited all) 1.12.0

Updated 07/01/2023 (2 years ago)
NameDOOM DAYS: Fire Shooter APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited all
SupportAndroid 5.1+
Get it onGoogle Play
DOOM DAYS: Fire Shooter MOD APK detail?

1. Unlimited Gold
2. Unlimited Money
3. Unlimited Medals
4. Unlimited Grenade
5. Unlimited First Aid Kit

Introduce MOD APK DOOM DAYS: Fire Shooter

Join the battlefield against the zombies and protect the world in DOOM DAYS: Fire Shooter. The zombies have appeared again and want to bring the peaceful world to an end of the world. Every creature that confronted them soon failed and was quickly destroyed by them. The apocalypse looms in everyone’s mind, but you can’t let that happen. The world is still beautiful and needs to continue sustaining the lives of the generations that will follow you. To help this world escape the destructive hands of zombies, you need to take risks. Stop the undead from destroying everything and pull the world out of its doom.

The day of the destruction of the earth is approaching, and there are zombies everywhere. All the people infected with the zombie virus have lost their minds and consistently seek to destroy life. The appearance of the earth has been so eliminated that there is no place left untouched by the zombies. As a lucky survivor, you must stop them before you can’t. The wave of zombies needs to be controlled to protect the world’s near future before its collapse. In this war with the undead, the weapon will be the thing for you to shoot them all down. Venture against the zombies for your future and that of humanity on earth.

DOOM DAYS Fire Shooter android

Download DOOM DAYS: Fire Shooter mod – Prevent zombies from bringing the apocalypse

The most advanced systems have always ensured the safety of the earth in the past. But in the face of a strange virus, this weapon system does not create any effect. Everyone seems to have been infected with the virus and become unconscious. Their heads were controlled by viruses and always wanted to destroy everything, including life. The world has become a zombie, and nothing can stop this from progressing. But you are lucky not to be infected and escape the control of the monster virus. Instead, destroy the zombies with weapons to prevent them from bringing the apocalypse to the earth.

DOOM DAYS Fire Shooter apk

The day to decide the fate

Since the virus appeared, the world seems to have become a completely different place. The earth’s surface is everywhere, with traces of destruction coming from undead creatures. Everywhere has collapsed since their appearance, and the world’s end is approaching. The earth’s future has never been so threatened, even with the terrible battles. But the zombies do it when they can spread the virus to anyone. The world still has a future and needs to be protected, whether it has been destroyed. Instead, use your weapons and attack the zombies in the day that determines the world’s fate.

DOOM DAYS Fire Shooter free

Fight against the apocalypse.

The zombies are the culprits that destroy everything in this world, and not only that. They want this world to be crushed and drowned in the apocalypse. But before destroying everything, their plan to bring about the end of the world will not succeed. And your existence after the scattering of zombies further hinders their strategies. So you can guess it and what you need to do is always thwart the zombie plan. Since the appearance of zombies, the world, is still on the verge of destruction. Fight strategically as you will face waves of the undead alone.

DOOM DAYS Fire Shooter mod apk

Anti-apocalyptic weapon

Your choice against the advancing undead horde is to fight instead of being assimilated. And you are forced to make this choice because no one can persistently protect the whole world. You fight, maybe not for the title of hero, but you want to try your hand at fighting zombies. But if you win, this is a good choice when you have tremendous support. You can carry those weapons to fight zombies in the apocalypse. You will hold guns to aim and shoot down each undead coming towards you. The battle to repel the apocalypse will not be easy, and be patient against the undead horde.

DOOM DAYS Fire Shooter mod

The apocalyptic prospect seems to appear in everyone’s heart when they know the appearance of zombies. Many people want to fight back, but before the wave of zombies, they only receive defeat. But you are a virus survivor and will not give up easily to them. The last day to decide your destiny has come when zombies all at once rush towards you. Fighting against the apocalypse is not easy; not everyone dares to do so. But you have support weapons, and this may work wonders against zombies. Download DOOM DAYS: Fire Shooter mod to firmly grasp the gun in hand to shoot down each wave of zombies.

How to Download & Install DOOM DAYS: Fire Shooter MOD APK (Unlimited all) for Android


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