MetroLand MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.14.4

Updated 03/08/2023 (7 months ago)
NameMetroLand APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play

Introduce MOD APK MetroLand

A futuristic city that will spawn people with extraordinary abilities in MetroLand. Because they are very naughty and disruptive people, trouble is inevitable. They will be chased relentlessly by dangerous people. Escaping from them is extremely difficult for you to face. Run more and run forever to increase all the possibilities for your senses. The more you run, the more you feel attracted to everything. Take advantage of intense focus to complete these challenges. You get potent technologies to use for exciting situations.

Endless Running is the game genre that has stormed the mobile platform since its birth. Leading it is the legendary Temple Run. Subsequent products, although not as successful, were improved. Metroland will take your chasing experience to the next level. More modern and unique things are used for these escape targets. The dance moves and actions are full of youthfulness. Teenagers use their intense vitality to push new limits even more extraordinary.

MetroLand mod

Download MetroLand mod – Run and challenge the limit.

A group of disruptive young people teased dangerous people and challenged them. Now the guards are chasing after these people. You will control one of them to run away from the pursuit. The character will run and gradually increase his speed over time. There will be obstacles constantly appearing in front of you. Dodge them to make sure the character doesn’t crash straight into them. The more you dodge, the farther you can run. Do not forget that there are valuable items for you that will lie on the way. They can help us enhance our outstanding advantages. But only for a certain period.

Explore the city

Your city is full of unique places to run through. Each site has its color with beautiful views. Our friends will park out over the rooftops. Cross over huge rooftops and pick up important things. Go through long tunnels for trains. Break into labs where suspicious things take place. Anywhere we will use to run away and stay away from the opponent. Your agility is necessary to avoid the dangerous things that constantly come. That’s how dynamic young people live in this city.

MetroLand mod free

Build a base

Active young people have together created a secret base for themselves. They use robots to go collect the loot and hoard it. Every time you leave the game, there will still be an idle reward. This base can be upgraded for facilities. Modern machines will be invested with your money. Give out more benefits every day to get more money. Upgrade all earned items to make them more effective. Not only that but there are also upgraded robots that will increase your cash. More coins make us more prosperous only.

MetroLand mod apk

Your journey is infinite, so the score you earn is not limited. All I need to do is run for the best I can. Your score is saved every time you reach a new record—that way, you know where you need to go. Also, compete for higher positions with friends and the whole world from there. Run to the most transcendent level to get the name on the gold list. Teens will make new history with your help in Metroland mod.

How to Download & Install MetroLand MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android


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