Sling Drift MOD APK (Unlocked all cars) 3.6

Updated on 27/08/2022 (1 year ago)
NameSling Drift APK
MOD FeaturesUnlocked all cars
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Do you want to enjoy a free and straightforward racing game? Perhaps the fairest game right now is Sling Drift. There are no competitors to compete with, no difficult obstacles. There is only one track, and you are the only racer. Complete your most extensive records with continuous bends. Create a new form to compete against all players in the world. Any game can exploit its potential to confront. Sling Drift is no exception at all. If you are lucky, you will be standing with the best gamers in the world.

It sounds so epic, but Sling Drift is just a simple driving simulator game. Things won’t be as complicated as you think. Only one simple action is to tap the screen. You can control both your car and your track. However, do not underestimate the challenge of Sling Drift. Because maybe that simplicity will be an obstacle preventing you from reaching your desired destination. Creating the highest peak for everyone to admire is not easy, even with a “simple” game like this.

Sling Drif mod

Download Sling Drift mod – Create the ultimate bend from a simple racing car

The game’s interface is so simple that there’s nothing to say about it. We will have a car for you to control throughout your race. Going on a track that doesn’t have any opponents, then what will you do? Very simply, it’s around the bends to get to the finish line as quickly as possible. Each level will have a different length and complexity. The higher you go, the more you will have to use your rounding skills. If you hit the edge of the track, you will be considered a loser. Ready to start racing solo but not yet?

Because the control is not too complicated, touching the screen with one hand can control the entire car. You will be assisted with a magic point located at the end of each segment. If you tap the screen, there will be a wire connecting your car to that point. Such that follow the force of inertia and the car turns in the indicated direction. Your task is just timing to make the turn as perfect as possible. Try not to hit the edge of the track. It sounds straightforward but is a severe challenge.

Sling Drif mod free

Precise timing

The key is how to take advantage of that magic point. Make the car turn in the desired direction to reach the destination safely. This is quite simple, as the car will navigate for you according to the location of that point. If it is on the left, then the vehicle will turn left and vice versa. What matters most is the length of the rope you make. If the string is too short, it will push the car into the inner edge of the track. If the wire is too long, it will hit the outer edge. Fortunately, you can release your finger to make the rope disappear. This will cause the force of inertia to decrease. Rescue for dangerous situations.

Sling Drif mod apk

Overcoming the most challenging races

The challenges that Sling Drift offers only have race tracks throughout the levels. However, if you think it’s a left or right turn, it’s nothing special. To be able to attract so many players, there must be something special. That is a variety of different types of rounds for you to challenge yourself. Sometimes it’s just a simple left or right turn. However, there will be times when you will encounter 2 to 3 turns in a row. This requires constant coordination with your fingers. Or the turns larger than 180 degrees are theatrical. Just a slight dislocation and everything will go to zero.

Sling Drif mod apk free

Set records with friends

For a game full of skills like this, it is indispensable for friends to compete together. Invite more of your friends to download and play this game. Surely they will not be amused with the simplicity but attractiveness of that tiny racing car. Maybe they will all get together. Compete to see who can pass the most turns. Make new records within the group or maybe worldwide. This will create a lot of fun times between you and your friends. Beat the fatigue after studying or working.

Sling Drif free

With all those simple things, it accidentally creates an invisible attraction for anyone who tries this game. 50 million downloads in the world is certainly not an imaginary number. It is because of the simplicity that is not fussy that has created the worldwide love of Sling Drift mod. Let’s download one of the world’s most popular games for absolute fun.

Download Sling Drift MOD APK (Unlocked all cars) for Android

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