Dino Domination MOD APK (Menu/Instant complete) 0.6.4

Updated 04/07/2024 (2 weeks ago)
NameDino Domination APK
PublisherYso Corp
MOD FeaturesMenu/Instant complete
SupportAndroid 5.0 +
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Introduce MOD APK Dino Domination

Become all kinds of ancient dinosaurs in one instance at Dino Domination MOD APK (Menu/Instant complete). It sounds crazy that all dinosaurs, with many species with different biological characteristics, food sources, and ways of life, would be able to gather together in the same individual, but it would be true. Eat the necessary foods to be able to evolve into more advanced species. Once you have completed the evolution, you will complete the level. Everything is simple, but avoid predators if you don’t want to replay the game screen angrily. When you have finished all the herbivores, the carnivores will come, and you will receive the new enhancement of the creature.

If everything were as simple as that, this would be no different from a reptile biology class for students with realistic images and real-life experiences. Fortunately, when you complete any terrain, you will be taken to a new place to return to the starting position. But the condition to complete a terrain is not going to be easy. But in return, to a new habitat, there will be more food and other creatures. No one wants to stay in one place forever, so explore the many wonders of the ancient world. Also, remember dangers are always lurking around, and the only way is to become the tyrant of that area.

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Download Dino Domination APK mod – Magic eggs and dinosaurs

Aliens have come down to Earth when they see this barren planet. Their goal is to take over this planet as a place to live. Since then, high-level meetings have been held with the top leaders of the cosmic race. All agree that we will live there, but the distances of billions of light-years and if there is a particular creature there, intergalactic wars will happen. After endless debate, all decided they would send an expedition to explore the situation on Earth. But when they arrived, they were all surprised by the scenery here.

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Tracing the characteristics of creatures and a magical treasure

There are many species of creatures living on Earth beyond their imagination. The difference in the fair distance made them unprepared for this situation. But the creatures here are not very intelligent, so they create an electronic egg that simulates what herbivorous dinosaurs protect. They took all the genetic codes of these giant reptiles and implanted them in this egg. Once the egg absorbs the organic compounds that match the genome, it develops into the organism. Just in time to do so, they were ordered to return as soon as they learned of the living creatures. The egg was left with boundless curiosity for this place.

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Grass and fruits

Although it is an electromagnetic organism, it is installed to absorb nutrients here for space people’s research. But left unfinished, the egg is extremely hungry and seeks to eat everything it can. At first, there will be plants and fruits to evolve into carnivores. This is a highly abundant food source, and it seems that it will be difficult to run out of the original green terrain. Eat a lot to be able to evolve into large herbivores. When you are big enough, all the big plants will be your food, and the remaining small things seem to be not enough for you, but you still have to avoid predators.

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Once you complete the most extensive vegetarian, you will be transformed into a cannibal. When you move to a completely different species, there will be evolutionary incentives for you, such as superior speed or the ability to shoot electric beams around you. These are essential factors, so choose carefully and do not ignore them because they will help you survive easier in the early stages. Because when you first enter a new species, you will be tiny and easy to eat by more prominent individuals. Persevere in the early stages, and you will get sweet results later.

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New terrains

No one wants to be the king of a realm forever in this game too. When you have conquered all the most advanced creatures in one place, you will be transported to another place. There, the familiar small form will return to you, and have a new journey to conquer. When going to new levels, there will be a vast variety of new creatures that can be used for later evolution; become the king of dinosaurs at Dino Domination APK 0.6.4.

How to Download & Install Dino Domination MOD APK (Menu/Instant complete) for Android


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