Annelids: Online battle MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.118.11

Updated 18/01/2024 (2 months ago)
NameAnnelids: Online battle APK
PublisherMichal Srb
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Annelids: Online battle

The worms won’t stop in the ultimate battle at Annelids: Online competition. This will be a confrontation with each individual’s skillful use of weapons. The next factor is strategic thinking to take the most unexpected advantage. There is also a little bit of luck that can make it easy for you to get everything. Make the most of everything around you to make robust progress. Then, outperform the rest to claim the glorious lead. This can also be considered the most remarkable world war you can ever participate in.

Annelids: Online battle creates a world where you can destroy everything. Immerse yourself in the never-ending confrontations between great deep warriors. They will all represent other players in the online mode. This confrontation is both unpredictable and extremely exciting. Experience is continually improving gradually from the mistakes that you may make. Overtake others to stand on the top of the battlefield. This will be what you want and express it most effectively.

Annelids Online battle mod

Download Annelids: Online battle mod – Join the war of worms

The worms are ready to come to the arena to show their inherent abilities. You will control the representative worm to move through complex underground terrains. From there, you can approach other opponents to destroy them at will. In addition, you also can quickly retreat if you are at a disadvantage. For example, we can use weapons to destroy parts of the terrain to create another path. This is an excellent place to hide and can also form traps. Do whatever you can to help you survive until only one opponent is left to destroy. It’s a big bet for us to take it all or finish second.

Five game modes

Annelids: Online battle gives you five different exciting game modes. The first is the Deathmatch mode, with the possibility of respawn being infinite until enough points are reached. You won’t have to worry about being defeated and trying to get enough points before others. The second is TeamDeathmatch with the exact mechanism, but you will be paired with random teammates. Capture the Flag requires you to steal flags from enemies and bring them back to get points. Conquest requires both sides to fight to the death to accumulate points. Finally, the King of the hill mode with the ability to enhance strength. Helping the person who kills the most can have a considerable advantage.

Annelids Online battle mod free

Fighting against the computer

Do not think that only by fighting other players can you increase your level. Supercomputers can also push the limits of what you can do. We can choose to confront them to practice the necessary skills. Supercomputers will rely on your movements to calculate tactics. Dodge danger and find the best way to try to knock you down quickly. It will be complicated if you do not think carefully. It takes great care to escape the dangers of these supercomputers. Thanks to that, you can find exciting ways to defeat them and hone your skills.

Annelids Online battle mod apk

High diversity

You will have more than 68 different tasks to complete as required. Each mission takes place in an area located in a total of 17 other maps created. Each site has an excellent geographical position to take advantage of for attack and defense. There are a total of 33 different primary weapons that you can find in this. There are also up to 9 secret weapons that can be activated if you are lucky enough in the King of the hill mod.

How to Download & Install Annelids: Online battle MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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