Chicken Gun MOD APK 3.1.02 (Unlimited money/God mode/Level/Antiban)

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NameChicken Gun APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money/God mode/Level/Antiban
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation
  • V1: Unlimited money
  • V2: Megamod
  1. GodMode
  2. Instant Kill
  3. Rapid Fire
  4. Max Accuracy
  5. Free Shopping
  6. No Car Damage
  7. Unlock All
  8. Max Level
  9. Max XP
  10. Spawn Huggy Wuggy
  11. Huggy Wuggy Won’t Attack You
  12. Spawn Siren Head
  13. No Ads
  14. Anti Kick
  15. AntiBan

Chicken Gun is an action game for you to join the battle of chickens. Chickens are generally known for being in flocks, but you’ll find a different spirit in the levels available here. The image of a chicken with a gun rushing to the battlefield and fighting is easy to see in this game. Get together with lots of other players and find a way to bring your team to victory. Help the chickens in Chicken Gun unlimited combat with your survival skills. The Chicken War is nothing too complicated, it’s similar to other shooting games. The main difference is the character system that brings fun to the player.

The site is owned by chickens, it is not raised by humans. The character always has a high sense of self-control and is ready to open fire to protect his life. Chicken Gun enriches the shooting genre to make the choice more diverse. Though there aren’t too many options and lower graphics quality with many games of the same type. But Chicken Gun still has its own charm with millions of downloads. If you like a human war. GameDVA has suggestions you might like Space Marshals 3, Injustice 2.

Chicken Gun mod

Download Chicken Gun mod – Fight with chicken warriors

Chicken Gun lets you try the war of chickens. Not instinctively fighting, of course. The chickens in this game deserve a warrior. Surely no one could think that chickens could take a gun to fight. But it did happen in this game, even though it was a fictitious detail. Chicken Gun towards a professional gunfight not inferior to action games you have ever played. As mentioned before, the only difference is that in the levels here the chickens will own. Refreshing a more realistic fighting mode helps the chickens to be confirmed their ability.

Chicken Gun mod download

2 Game modes

You can choose from a team of 5 or survival mode. Chicken Gun has both options for players to combine with teammates to achieve the goal and fight with all remaining enemies. Depending on your level, you should choose a reasonable game mode. This gun-like combat is often very difficult. Once the gun is triggered, you can’t seem to dodge the bullet. Challenge yourself by vigorously changing your choices.

Chicken Gun mod apk

Weapon system

Chicken Gun is full of the weapons you need while fighting. Not only guns, players can also use other tools such as knives, axes, swords. Your chicken has all the characteristics of a true warrior. Not always using a gun is a good way to show off strength. Show your opponents your awesome skills using other weapons. The updated version of Chicken Gun has many new items to give players more choices.

Types of vehicles

Cars, airplanes, horses, … are one of the means that make moving easier. You’re not mistaken, in the game Chicken Gun the chickens can do extraordinary things. Capture the moment and you can instantly share it with your friends if you like. Chicken Gun is not only fierce gun battles, you are also challenged with many skills worth learning. Become an experienced operator using all the vehicles in this game.

Customize chicken

Chicken Gun allows you to customize the chicken with many accessories such as hats, shoes, eyes, beaks, … Extremely creative items are brought into the game by the developer. For example, the naked eye has added eye-catching glasses. No more legs like the chickens you used to know. They can carry shoes, special hats. Create outstanding fashions for your chickens in battle.

Chicken Gun mod android

Chicken Gun is a game for you to fight exclusively for a variety of chickens. You can change the chicken’s appearance in any way you want. But the ability to fight completely depends on the skill. No matter how powerful a weapon is used, it takes practice to not get shot down. Download Chicken Gun mod to familiarize yourself with the shooting mode of the chicken warriors and become the winner.

Download Chicken Gun MOD APK (Unlimited money/God mode/Level/Antiban) for Android

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Muhammad hafez bin muhammad mak noor
Muhammad hafez bin muhammad mak noor
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Give me hack pls

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PRO Gaming
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1 year ago

Please give me some hacks I’m sad
1 year ago

꧁ŁĘGĘÑĐMØŠÂ꧂ please need hack

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