Berandal Sekolah DEMO MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.6.7

Updated 16/09/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameBerandal Sekolah DEMO APK
PublisherAim to Mite
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Introduce Berandal Sekolah DEMO MOD APK

Your high school rule will begin in Berandal Sekolah DEMO. We have a perfect martial arts background to use in any situation. Not only that, but he can also fight according to his instincts. Defeat all opponents even if they are stronger than you. Master each area and spread your name throughout high school. Never get bullied; only bullies pay the price. They won’t be able to anticipate all the things you can do. Strength can determine all and where you stand, as well as power.

The story of fighting in the school is not too new to everyone. Sometimes we also wish to have a superior power to control everything. This dream was quickly realized easily by Berandal Sekolah DEMO. It allows you to become an exceptional student with absolute strength. All combat skills and quick reflexes are essential. It makes us learn faster and always want to move forward. Punish all others for showing them how to be polite with their fists and authority.

Berandal Sekolah DEMO mod

Download Berandal Sekolah DEMO mod – Fight and get a higher position.

Set foot in high school, our protagonist has no goal but domination. He will do anything to climb to the top of the student population. But this conquest was not easy at all. He will have to fight the most feared of the gangs. Even their juniors if they want to survive and become a leader. Slowly spread his dominance everywhere. All are punching and kicking techniques are used skillfully. Moreover, they can also be combined to become gorgeous combos. You already have everything you need to get out.

Facing the tycoons

When fighting at basic levels, you will meet the leaders. They’re nothing like the juniors you’ve attacked. These names are much faster and stronger and give you a hard time. They even have unique skills. They are showing the right level of a leader of others. When facing a particular boss, you need to find its loopholes. Then mine and fight vigorously to weaken them. Do not make silly mistakes, or you will pay the price. As long as the bosses fall, you have completed your goal.

Berandal Sekolah DEMO mod apk

Nice combo

As you progress to newer stages, you can unlock unique combos. These combos play an essential role in taking advantage. You will find these combos are composed of many basic punches and kicks. But it will have the effect of making the enemy stunned and unable to continue attacking. That’s the way we used to fight them. You can’t always launch such attacks. We need to pay close attention to the timing of the attack, or we will be in trouble. A combo hit will make you gain a lot more points. This score will make your achievement even higher.

Berandal Sekolah DEMO mod free

The game also possesses a highly detailed and mysterious story. You will discover the past of the main character as well as the situation the school is in. Meet and make friends with people around to have a good relationship. Find the love of your life and build a bond. Only you can achieve your desires. Berandal Sekolah DEMO mod apk will not be boring, no matter how long it takes.

How to Download & Install Berandal Sekolah DEMO MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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