Diner DASH Adventures MOD APK 1.41.3 (Menu/Unlimited money, hearts)

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NameDiner DASH Adventures APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited money, hearts
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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MOD Infomation

DASH Adventures mod version

  • 100000 coins per level.
  • 100000 hearts per level.
  •  Unlimited Cupcakes.
  • Unlimited instant cook booster.
  • Unlimited Jetpacks.
  • Always Win with full Stars.
  • Fast Dash Mode.

Are you a fan of cooking games? And you want to try your hand at making many new dishes around the world? Food works. When you make them, you are an artist or a talented chef. Let yourself experience the real cooking movement. The game Diner DASH Adventures is a place to fulfill your wishes, Love dishes with a completely new style. Come here and immerse yourself in the scent of any dishes. You will find this place filled with real fun and joy.

Diner DASH Adventures – the top cooking and time management game. Join millions of players, maybe you will meet your friends here. You become the chef master you’ve always dreamed of. Prepare ingredients, cook, and serve dishes from around the world at your own restaurant. When you are famous, there will be opponents who want to crush you when you are not paying attention. But you should fight to get what you want. Your friends and townspeople will help you out. So let’s step into this wonderful place with me.

Dinner Dash mod

Download Diner DASH Adventures mod – Serve in famous restaurants

In the role is a girl named Flo. Long ago from home, she returned to her hometown – the town of DinerTown. Here, she received a shock to find her town polluted and seriously damaged. When a friend – Cookie saw her return, the young man was overjoyed. He told her why the town was back like it is now. And his wish is that she will help the town return to its beautiful old color. Seeing her homeland in ruins, Flo carried within herself the determination to revive the town.

The reason for the wilderness, turning a bright, sunny place into a dark place was the appearance of the destructive couple Mr. Big. They tried to destroy the town. Ruined houses, destroyed streets, destroyed trees, arid… Around here is full of fog and sadness, and the lack of human figures. But your presence here will give a spark of light to the town. As long as you try to fight back with their trickery tricks. Beat Mr. Big, so that not everyone will be afraid of them.

Dinner Dash mod apk free

Practice cooking skills

Your start is to remodel the street next to the restaurant you create. This eatery will give you money to remodel this place. The game ranges from easy to difficult. Your hard work will be seen clearly through the town’s changing day by day… Serving hungry guests, even the fastidious ones to attract more people to our restaurant. you over. The guests’ impatience are the challenges that you need to overcome. Do not let any challenges in the world that you cannot beat!

Practice management and cooking skills to be able to own many other restaurants in town. Combine different dishes, making cooking even more enjoyable. Considering the food is a work of art, you do not hesitate to think and create them. Depending on your itinerary, you will unlock a lot of different locations. Revitalizing the restaurant’s business. A really great opportunity for business!

Dinner Dash mod apk

A powerful companion

Accompanying you is the chef – Cookie. The guy will assist you with cooking quick dishes so that you can give the ingredients to your guests. Share with your experiences to make your development more favorable. Useful tips or suggestions from this guy will give you more choices. Although sometimes you will encounter obstacles since the team Mr. Big always tries to destroy the friends. But okay, everyone here will always try to help you recover the town as quickly as possible.

Dinner Dash mod free

Optimal upgrades

To attract new guests, you can spend your profits on food and restaurant upgrades. Every guest coming here will receive the best service. Design interior and exterior decoration of the restaurant according to your preferences. Renovated restaurants, gardens, villas, cruise ships… Reconstruct town. Everything, you can do it yourself.

Dinner Dash free

Colorful costumes

Diner DASH Adventures is also very diverse in that you can choose from many different outfits. Just try to complete the tasks that the game offers, go through many levels, you will be wearing many great outfits. In the game, you can also raise cute pets. Take care of them so they become more intimate with you, go on a long journey with you. Along with that are events celebrating major holidays like Halloween, Valentine, New Year… waiting for you to come and explore.

Dinner Dash mod mod

At DinerTown, there’s a lot of fun and hardships that need your help. Diner DASH Adventures is a classic game but extremely attractive and novel. Adventure awaits. Explore the DASH Diner story with distinctive, stylish characters. Are you ready to experience the game extremely attractive by the food and design everything your way? Then bring your chef hat into the Diner DASH Adventures mod and start cooking!

Download Diner DASH Adventures MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money, hearts) for Android

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