Sexy Airlines MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money, messenger, unlocked)

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NameSexy Airlines APK
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited money, messenger, unlocked
SupportAndroid 4.4+
MOD Infomation
  1. Mod menu
  2. Unlimited money (read note)
  3. Unlimited messengers
  4. Unlocked world maps (always active)
  5. Unlocked all skins (always active)

Note: Mod money may not work properly, so please turn off the mod if you crash.

A flight with the best service of Sexy Airlines will make anyone satisfied. That’s what you get when you join this extremely classic game. Own a famous airline with flights made continuously. Young flight attendants with a lot of experience and great beauty. There are no problematic guests who can complain to you. One tycoon rules all the top airlines in the world.

Idle gameplay has been favoured by many people and chosen to entertain after every working hour. Sexy Airlines will have all the elements and do better than this genre offers, from eye-catching images to simple yet effective operating mechanisms. Give players the feeling that they are in control of everything in reality. Interact with whatever you like to find joy in yourself. If not, we will begin to dig deeper into what will appear.

Sexy Airlines mod

Download Sexy Airlines mod – Own the best airline in the world

To prove your talent, you will play the role of a manager of a large airline. What we need to do right now is to make it even better. Improve the quality of existing services to serve customers best. That will include upgrading the aircraft and training its flight attendants. Not only that, but you also need to deal with problems that may arise during the operation of everything. When everything goes well, profits will start to increase gradually. Use it wisely to get the best benefit. You will become rich and have everything you want. Even love with the most beautiful women.

Sexy Airlines mod free

Beautiful flight attendants

Your agency also has a similar goal to accomplish. The most important thing for airlines is their flight attendants. The more experienced the flight attendants are, the easier it is to satisfy customers. Their experience will be reflected in the level achieved. You will use the money you earn to train them to become even better. Many beautiful hostesses from countries such as the US, UK, Thailand, France, etc. Each of them has its beauty with an international standard service style. Select them for critical positions on every flight. Make it the paradise everyone wants to go to.

Sexy Airlines mod apk

Chat with the flight attendant

To control the work best, you need to communicate with the flight attendants. Make the necessary conversation with the essential questions. If you have a favourite hostess? Take advantage of this information channel to flirt with those girls. They will be ready to receive you most sincerely. Build a great relationship with activities filled with romance. Go out to dinner, hang out or go on a couple’s trip. These are the women you manage, and you can do anything to get your love. Love is easy to create if you need it.

Sexy Airlines mod apk free

Control plane

You can become a captain if you want to do this job. The control mechanism is straightforward, and it will be like interacting with an aircraft. The tilt can be adjusted left or right to see people’s reactions. You will see the cuteness of the flight attendants during their work. It is possible to tease customers to make them panic for a short period. Of course, everything is under control, and you can do whatever you want. Lowering or raising the altitude can also make an impact on people. The plane also has a lot of different functions. Learn more to use it right away.

Sexy Airlines mod android

Unlock destinations

The longer you play, the more opportunities you have to unlock new destinations worldwide. Every place has hot hostesses you can recruit. Paris, London, Seoul, Shanghai or Tokyo are all potential destinations. The number of customers at each location will help you increase your income. Create a new trend for the aviation industry with various new service types. The secrets of success will be discovered and held by you. What customers want and need no matter what country they are in are met. Make anyone in the world know to be famous from their airline.

Coming to Sexy Airline’s mod is your chance to own huge assets. Together with our beautiful flight attendants, create quality trips for everyone.

Download Sexy Airlines MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money, messenger, unlocked) for Android

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I got banned from because using this mod. Its gonna be ok if you show us how to get avoid getting banned

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