Tower Defense: Magic Quest MOD APK (Free Upgrade/Spins) 2.0.288

Updated on 28/10/2022 (2 years ago)
NameTower Defense: Magic Quest APK
Publisherstereo7 games
MOD FeaturesFree Upgrade/Spins
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Join the explosive war to protect your sacred land. Tower Defense: Magic Quest is the best strategy game of all time attracting players to create a feeling of ups and downs along with the context in the game. Let’s sublimate and soar when you are free to shoot at the monsters. Or conversely, the thrill of not being able to completely destroy the monsters on the way to invade your sacred land. Where your relatives and tribes live. Experience Tower Defense: Magic Quest to learn more about the exciting things inside this game.

The battle is fierce when it’s time to explore. The number of monsters will increase over time, at the beginning of the battle there are only a few or three. But in the middle and late stages of the war, the number of monsters will increase continuously. You will have to have good tactical moves. It was very difficult to keep monsters from getting through the defenses into the village. Try to fight hard to protect everyone because it is your responsibility. Endless wars make you exhausted, find allies to fight with you.

Tower Defense Magic Quest mod

Download Tower Defense: Magic Quest mod – Fight monsters to protect the tribe from danger

A small tribe is living peacefully, happily. Suddenly one-day aggressive monsters came to invade, wanting to dominate your tribe. You will be the individuals who must stand up to fight the monsters. By wings build a defensive path around the tribe to protect people from danger. But that was only temporary, once the monsters crossed that path, disaster would strike. So you will be the one on that defensive line fighting with the monsters. Do not let any monsters pass.

Tower Defense Magic Quest mod apk

The traps are set by swarms everywhere waiting for the monsters far away to enter. Until the archer towers with great damage. All your strength will have to be unleashed to fight each wave of the invasion of that ferocious monster. Place the weapons in different positions in accordance with your strategy. In order to have a strong defensive wall, fight hard to protect your tribe. Tower Defense: Magic Quest world experience every feeling of sublimation.

Use tactics to repel monsters

The most effective way to fight is not to take more numbers to overwhelm the enemy. But the way to win here is to use tactics to fight. With a smaller number of troops on our side, it is the most reasonable and effective. Set large traps where the monsters are starting to enter and place smaller traps in the lane behind the defense. The reason for doing so is that large traps with more damage should be left out. They will make the best use of them. As for the small traps, we should put behind the defense, just in case some lucky monsters get through. The small trap is responsible for clearing all those monsters.

Tower Defense Magic Quest mod free

Defense upgrade

The monsters in Tower Defense: Magic Quest will get stronger and stronger as they attack. Your weapons will become increasingly useless against them. You are confused as to how to deal with the monsters. Tower Defense: Magic Quest has a weapon upgrade function that will help you. The equipment will be upgraded to possess greater power. No matter how strong the enemy army is under absolute strength they will still fail. The new equipment will appear when you yourself break the limit. That equipment will contribute to the fight to protect your tribe.

Tower Defense Magic Quest mod android

Collect mighty army

Tower Defense: Magic Quest is a team game, not an individual game. No matter how powerful you are, you cannot protect everyone. Therefore seeking aid is essential, Winning the enemy’s attacks. Acquire their generals to become soldiers for their side to help strengthen the defense line. Continuously progress to make your army as strong as possible.

Magic wheel

Attractive gifts are waiting for you to experience in the lucky spin. There are times when red luck will bring a lot of rare and valuable gifts. But sometimes there are times that go back and forth without getting anything. That makes you interested in this wheel of fortune always waiting for the time to experience it.

Tower Defense Magic Quest mod download

Tower Defense: Magic Quest game is loved by many players. Thrilling battles draw players into the world of defending their tribe from monsters. Use subtle tactics to defeat enemies outnumbering you. Download Tower Defense: Magic Quest mod Fight explosively with your brothers against the invasion of ferocious monsters.

Download Tower Defense: Magic Quest MOD APK (Free Upgrade/Spins) for Android

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