Cross Hit MOD APK (Menu, Damage, Defense multipliers) 1.3.3

Updated 19/09/2023 (4 days ago)
NameCross Hit APK
PublisherMoka Corp.
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, Damage, Defense multipliers
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce Cross Hit MOD APK

A world called Cross Hit that you accidentally transferred by the power is waiting to be discovered. Some god has decided to teleport you to a new world far from your own. There are always battles with monsters and people around you. Strength is the only support when everyone has incredible energy here. It would help if you got used to a new world during your long promising journey here. Witness the battles between warriors and proceed to gain strength here. Discover the truth behind my teleportation and try to return to the world I once lived in.

You have accidentally strayed into a new world thanks to the powerful wish of a god there. The new world is always filled with magic that you can only see in the pages of books. Your dream of exploring the magical world will come true with new things. But that joy may not last long as you may encounter the ferocious creature. Those monstrous beasts will capture you and eat you anytime they can. But you won’t let those creatures catch you here quickly. Survival skills will help you form an army of champions to explore the new world.

Cross Hit android

Download Cross Hit mod – Discover the world’s secret after space travel.

Transcendental space has happened to you, and the location nowhere else is a new world. A journey to a new place needs to be taken to explore the world. This place is the site of intense wars between competing nations. The battles between factions always occur continuously, and only one side wins. You need to get used to a new home before you get sucked in without resistance. An army of champions led by you needs to face any challenge to stay strong. Fight along the way and discover new things unique to this world of magic.

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The war after the spaceship

The place where the magic started a war between the clans as a sign of the end of the world. Confrontations between factions constantly broke out to take over the enemy’s territory. You are granted a wish by a god here, and you will not escape this. War will bring you into a cruel reality far from the mystical world of magic. Before witnessing the magic here, you will be forced to participate in the battles. The opportunity to come to a new world is not for everyone; they try to survive the fight. Magic is waiting for you to learn; don’t let those tasteless wars end you.

Cross Hit apk

Heroic fighting team

You were marked as an essential person when teleported by a god. There must be a hidden reason behind your teleportation to a new world. Your role on the battlefield has been established, and companions will be beside you. They are potent guardians from the wars of the magical world. War has covered the world, forcing them to join to save their lives. You must establish a battle team to ensure the safety of the place overflowing with magic. Get acquainted with the world here and gather guardians to go on a battle journey.

Cross Hit mod

Magic arena

An arena built reluctantly from wars for power between nations. Those are military races that are constantly being made to be able to hope to win. There are constant conflicts, and you are reluctant to get caught up in this war. You will need to use the team of heroes you created from the defenders of the battle world. They will join you to protect each other in this war-torn place. The battles will help you grow and learn new worlds through the magical arena. The real action with others thanks to the protective army and conquer the world boss.

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A goddess from the magical world has teleported you to her magical world. This place is not as peaceful as imagined but is full of struggles. A place where the beauty of magic has been ravaged by the passion for the division of power. You have strayed here and need a condition to survive the war. The battles will not be because you are new but ignore your presence here. Maybe your arrival in the new world is the key to saving the present world destruction battle site. Download Cross Hit mod to travel to the magical world and fight hard.

How to Download & Install Cross Hit MOD APK (Menu, Damage, Defense multipliers) for Android

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