Ariah Fantasy RPG Waifu Gacha MOD APK 1.1.1 (Menu, Unlimited money, God mode)

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NameAriah Fantasy RPG Waifu Gacha APK
PublisherIsonia Universe
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited money, God mode
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play

Join the journey to save the girls you love in Ariah Fantasy RPG Waifu Gacha. Dungeons are where girls you know are kept, and they’ve been caught up in disaster. They need a rescuer, and it would be great if they could be rescued by someone they like. The world your waifu is trapped in has different interests for each acquaintance. You will have the opportunity to develop more with your waifu in relationships when you live together. Immortal diablos are obstacles you must overcome to rescue all the waifu in the dungeon. Complete the adventure with your favorite in the squad and rescue as many people as you can with your waifu squad.

The girls you like have been imprisoned in different dungeons and are in trouble. Waifu got stuck in dangerous places while they were on their way to find you. They are waiting for a brave person to come and rescue them as soon as possible. The person that waifu cares about is you, and they always look forward to seeing you appear at the prison door. The waifu will appreciate your bravery; from there, your relationship with them will increase. You can also get to know new people by rescuing waifu. Join the exciting waifu rescue and find the people who like you back in this world.

Ariah Fantasy RPG Waifu Gacha mod

Download Ariah Fantasy RPG Waifu Gacha mod – Rescue waifu from the dungeon

Diablo has taken the girls you like to dark prisons and imprisoned them. They are immortal monsters and always want to defeat you but are afraid of your strength. Whatever they do, they always want to see you fail once in a while. Monsters capture the waifu you know and use them as a threat to force you to enter the dungeon. It would help if you rescued your lovers from the evil hand of the monster in the dungeon. You also have to take action to punish them for what they do to the waifu. Rescue your waifus and adventure through dungeons with the girls you love most.

Ariah Fantasy RPG Waifu Gacha android

Collect waifu

Your waifu has been captured by undead monsters in dungeons and imprisoned in many places. You can only find people you like when you manually explore the dungeon. The waifu only you can discover their characteristics after the rescue. The gacha machines in the game will allow you to find the jail where the waifu is kept. You can test the character of each waifu after every chance to free them from the hands of monsters. Find a way to defeat the undead diablo bosses in the dungeon and rescue as many waifus as possible. Collect your waifus and discover unique possibilities to create a waifu team.

Ariah Fantasy RPG Waifu Gacha apk

Forming a waifu team

The people you like also have their talents, and they are confident in them when looking for you. But the monsters in the dungeon were so numerous that they couldn’t fully express themselves and were captured. So you must rescue them before the immortal diablo invades your waifu to the one you like. Recovering the waifus gets you a team of your favorite girls. They will help you on your journey to help other waifus escape the dungeons that hold them. The special abilities of the waifu will help you get your own set of powers thanks to the harmony with each other. Use the combination of the waifu’s capabilities and find a way to defeat the immortal diablo.

Ariah Fantasy RPG Waifu Gacha mod apk

Upgrade the waifu

Your waifus have their powers, and you can level them up. Diablo can use all means with the desire to defeat you and is ready to sneak up on the squad. Waifu can help you confront the monsters and attack them from behind. The demons that once captured the waifu will be opponents for you and your lovers to train. This is also an excellent opportunity to cultivate a better relationship with your favorite waifus. You can accompany many waifu and can walk with them after battles. Discover the power of your companion waifu and upgrade each one and your relationship with them.

Ariah Fantasy RPG Waifu Gacha free

Every girl you like has fallen under the siege of evil monsters in the dungeon. Immortal monsters use waifu to threaten you in different places, and the decision is up to you. It would help if you decided to rescue the waifus as quickly as possible and defeat the diablo monsters one by one. Collect waifu in your journey created for the safety of those you love. You can form your waifu team and fight with them in the dungeon. Upgrade your waifu’s abilities and discover the combined power of your waifu squad. Download Ariah Fantasy RPG Waifu Gacha mod to rescue waifu from each jail and defeat the diablo.

Download Ariah Fantasy RPG Waifu Gacha MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money, God mode) for Android

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