RebirthM MOD APK 1.00.0202 (Menu, Attack All Target /Fast movement)

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NameRebirthM APK
PublisherCaret Games
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, Attack All Target /Fast movement
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Enjoy the most classic MMORPG world of the original MMORPGs. A mythical world of fictional creatures. Follow the uncompromising battles of various races. Transform into the most powerful warriors of the world. Welcome to the world of RebirthM, the world of familiar mythical warriors. Surely veteran gamers must listen and play through once in their life. Because this will be the product of the next generation, bringing with it many improvements in mechanism as well as many other attractive new elements.

You must have seen different races such as Elves, Dwarves, Goblins… Fight in a fantasy world of Dragons, Orcs, and many other monsters. RebirthM reimagines all of that in an MMORPG for gamers. Along with quest mechanics and dungeon adventures, worldwide PvP. Bringing back the nostalgia and uniqueness of the previous games. For every gamer, RebirthM is like a work of celebration and renewal.

RebirthM mod

Download RebirthM – The mythical world is no longer strange

As is typical of an MMORPG game, you will enter this world with any identity. It’s your choice with many races possessing different powers to choose from. Both gender and appearance can be chosen differently to express their own personality. Enter the world where millions of people from all over the world play together. You will feel the atmosphere in RebirthM is almost never empty and lonely. Players are everywhere on the map, sometimes they will want to make friends and adventure with you too. It is fascinating to set foot on such a large land with so many people.

Chat with NPCs to get your first quests. Most will be to destroy monsters, upgrade to increase the strength and skills of the character. With the level cap now raised to 800 levels. A number that must be said is extremely terrible for a role-playing game. Along with hundreds of skills and constantly changing appearance. Don’t keep any players waiting. The game always creates as many new limits and elements as possible.

RebirthM mod free

Collection of equipment and items

For role-playing games, equipment is almost an indispensable thing for any character. The races possess many different types of equipment. But the common point is that there are always amazing powers and effects. If you work hard or spend money, you will own many of the strongest and most powerful equipment. Accompanied by many items to support players in combat to prevent any possible risks. The forge is used to enhance and infuse a variety of interesting magic for your equipment. Please work hard to upgrade and renew them regularly so as not to be weak to anyone.

RebirthM mod apk

Familiar monsters, dungeons, bosses

In RebirthM, monsters are definitely the majority. They appear almost everywhere in the world. From castles to dark lands. Stretches in different levels and strengths. Along with the mechanism you are at, the surrounding monsters will have the same level. Their racial diversity also makes the game world very rich and beautiful. Not to mention the dungeons and clones for you to brawl with your friends. Defeat tough giant bosses. Get lots of weapons and valuable items for yourself.

RebirthM mod apk free

Fight anywhere in the big world

Indispensable is PvP in every MMORPG like RebirthM here. Because the number of players has reached millions, reaching more than 70 countries worldwide. It is extremely easy for you to come across all types of players. Not to mention the veteran players who have followed the game closely since the first days of its release. There are still quite a few new players adding up every day. If you join now, you can be on the same level as them. Make a lot of friends and improve your skills. Compete in the most chaotic PvP mode you’ve ever seen. Showing superiority and smart tactics are the keys to victory.

RebirthM mod mod

It is impossible to count all the MMORPG titles that exist on the market at the moment. Making those games gradually become a familiar concept to many people. However, finding a good online role-playing game is not easy. And how lucky you are to know RebirthM. Ready to bring all the basic elements. But great creativity and innovation make it more special than any other game. If you are not convinced, you can download RebirthM mod to testify now.

Download RebirthM MOD APK (Menu, Attack All Target /Fast movement) for Android

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