Kimegg MOD APK (Menu/Damage/Speed/Free Equipment Draw) 1.1.24

Updated 21/10/2023 (6 months ago)
NameKimegg APK
PublisherGameberry Studio
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/Damage/Speed/Free Equipment Draw
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Kimegg

Kim Egg is the epitome of muscle-building workouts. The Kimegg game of the same name as him is a role-playing game that destroys all strange creatures. People on earth were going through peaceful days when the great tribulation suddenly struck. When the alien Riders invaded and purged the people of this earth. Good citizens have been brainwashed and turned into a team of atrophied soldiers serving them. Because things are going too far, Kimegg’s revival is needed to rescue all the people. Only Kimegg’s return can bring people back to normal and work hard to regain muscle.

The game’s main screen is divided into two main areas, battlefield and skills. Above is the path to destroy the main character’s enemies. And below is the skill system, the character’s visual information that you can control. When fighting with aliens, create coins and scores. These coins fly up automatically and are added to your user area. There are also metal sun-shaped cards that are also stored. Each time the player makes a decisive attack, it also takes many times to destroy the enemy. Colour effects after strong attacks attract players.

Kimegg android

Download Kimegg mod – Become a Kimegg muscle guy to destroy all the alien’s Rider.

An idle auto-attack system is provided for players to focus on killing enemies. Your character constantly moves forward and attacks creatures that appear on the road. What the player needs to do is control the attack and speed. If you encounter too many animals, you need to increase the attack stats of many enemies. The bottom of the screen has this character icon in a rectangle. This is like a machine that energizes the player’s character. The higher the level, the more invincible this character’s fighting ability becomes. If the speed increases, the player attacks the enemy super fast.

Kimegg apk free

Many new skins

One exciting thing about Kimegg is that many characters named Kim appear in the game. Kim Egg, Kim Half, Kim Force and Kim Thunder,… All of these characters can get new skins to change into. Each costume will have its unique effect; only when the surface wears it, will this effect appear—for example, the ensemble of Santa Claus or the costume of the purple superhero. There are also costumes from the movie Squidgame or the basketball player with jet-black skin. The iron suits covered Kim’s body and face. You can change many cool skin effects for Kim to diversify her appearance.

Kimegg mod apk


Just win the evil, the player can get many gifts, Especially the weapons and jewellery the game provides. It beautifies the character’s appearance and helps players increase their stats. Choose weapons that match the player’s outfit and attack style. Hammers, wrenches, and baseball bats,… are made of different materials. In particular, there are dumbbells and specialized gym equipment. These items are also used to attack the enemy. Jewelry has rings, bracelets, and necklaces;… Increasing the specificity, the player’s necklace is also hung with a dumbbell above.

Kimegg mod

Fight the boss

Your Mr Kim seems strong, but the player can still encounter the boss bosses behind. To be able to turn the people of the earth into atrophied soldiers. The strength and intelligence of these monsters are also not average. The boss monsters are also divided into different levels. From easy to difficult, monsters at the back level can stun the player. Mutant dragons with massive muscles. Or a chicken with the muscular body of a large, dark-skinned man. The trade-off with these monsters is a considerable gift chest. Inside contains countless money, rewards, gems, jewellery, and weapons, …

A new aspect of Kimegg is that players can damage enemies with a single hit. Once the player owns the Masterpiece, a new game area can be unlocked. Masterpieces here include Mona Egg, Eggleaners and The Creation of Biceps. Exploring each area can open up many exciting things for the player. Clashing with an overcrowded group of soldiers is when players need to use the support skill system. Download Kimegg mod to become a muscular guy who destroys all alien Rider monsters.

How to Download & Install Kimegg MOD APK (Menu/Damage/Speed/Free Equipment Draw) for Android


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