COPS: Carrot Officer Puzzles MOD APK 3.1 (Unlimited money)

Updated on 25/12/2022 (1 month ago)
NameCOPS: Carrot Officer Puzzles APK
PublisherAppache Games: fun to play
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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If you are a police officer of COPS: Carrot Officer Puzzles, you will need to do many essential things. That is finding clues to critical cases in the vicinity. Solving those cases also takes a lot of time to search. All collected information will be quickly controlled. Your brain is the best tool to find your next steps—no more extra moves. Everything will be professional and without any mistakes. This fun journey has only just begun.

Apache Games: fun to play specializes in producing fun and cute games. The puzzle will be the priority topic; you can choose COPS: Carrot Officer Puzzles. It will have the style of finding your way through a vast maze. With this type of play, we will have to think positively. Evaluate the bad and good possibilities based on the surrounding situation. The characters are shaped quite cutely, like cartoons—an exciting and funny story about a policeman and cases. So let your confidence guide you out of trouble.

COPS Carrot Officer Puzzles mod free

Download COPS: Carrot Officer Puzzles mod – Help the police solve cases

Carrot police receive news about the cases that people in the city encounter. He needs to get to the scene immediately to catch everyone involved. Along the way, many puzzle mazes are blocking the way. To solve this problem, we need to choose the right direction. Help the police overcome things that are dangerous to them and reach their destination. Each level will have a different arrangement, and you cannot follow the formula. Instead, try to collect all the critical evidence to increase your score. The more cases you solve, the higher your score will be. So don’t forget your duty because of the danger.

Complex levels

The game levels are probably what cause the most challenges for you. Like many other games, the group will still be accessible to the complex. Each class also has a different design for paths and obstacles. The ultimate goal is still to defeat the enemy and collect evidence. If you go wrong, you will significantly reduce your chances of winning. We need to have a holistic view to make the right decisions. Conquering a level also brings a pretty big bonus. This will create tremendous competition for all players in general. You will find more and more novel things to use for yourself.

COPS Carrot Officer Puzzles mod

Various characters

You don’t have to use a single character in this game. We can use other characters to suit a different strategy. Each character has a unique ability to solve puzzles. They can glide past enemies without their knowledge. Distract enemies to destroy them faster. Quickly destroy any enemy without much effort. Let’s greet the sheriff and his comrades. They can solve all the problematic cases no one has dared to. This dangerous work is only for highly skilled people. Try to find new achievements for yourself.

COPS Carrot Officer Puzzles mod apk

Fight the bad guys

The enemy of the police is junk food that is not good for health. They are the culprits for all the kidnappings and upsetting people’s lives. It is necessary to destroy and capture them before quickly new cases occur. However, they guard very carefully and can ruin you with weapons. Therefore, it is required to be as careful as possible not to fall into a trap with COPS: Carrot Officer Puzzles mod.

Download COPS: Carrot Officer Puzzles MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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