MHA: Midoriya Fight MOD APK (Dumb enemy) 0.5

Updated 28/02/2023 (9 months ago)
NameMHA: Midoriya Fight APK
Publisherayoub mb
MOD FeaturesDumb enemy
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK MHA: Midoriya Fight

MHA: Midoriya Fight will delight fans of the My Hero Academia series. This is a Japanese manga that attracts public opinion and resonates around the world. The main character of the game is Midoriya, an ordinary boy with integrity. When he transformed into an idol and fought in his place against the bad guys. The blend of action and adventure games brings excitement to players. The realistic, smooth interface completely recreates the appearance of Midoriya. Join MHA: Midoriya Fight as a player. Use your power to destroy all evil hordes. Midoriya’s shape and strength are also kept accurate to the original.

The plot of MHA: Midoriya Fight revolves around a boy Midoriya with no outstanding features with dreams of becoming a hero. With a reasonably simple appearance slim body. Green eyes, curly hair, and characteristic freckles. He wears a green bodysuit with a red belt. MHA: Midoriya Fight has wholly recreated the character’s appearance. Fight like yourself, standing in a fierce battle. Prepare a spirit to face all enemies alone. On the way, Midoriya will encounter many obstacles and challenges. Must dodge flexibly so as not to lose experience points.

MHA Midoriya Fight mod

Download MHA: Midoriya Fight mod – transform into Midoriya on the adventure of finding your strength

MHA: Midoriya Fight is an authentic adaptation of the My Hero Academia series combined with a 2D interface that brings realism to the game. Each level will have different challenges and requirements. Players need to collect gold coins and passports. Only when you collect enough of them will you have a chance to unlock the next level. During the battle, you must also ensure that your character will limit injuries. When hitting obstacles or demons, HP or health will be reduced. When this stat is exhausted, you must stop the game and start over. Rest assured that you can play the same game over and over again.

MHA Midoriya Fight android

Unlimited levels

Anyone familiar with action role-playing games is used to having a lot of play. MHA: Midoriya Fight, too; the levels here will be updated and refreshed regularly. The mission warehouse will be upgraded and gradually tricky. Each class will take place in different locations. Abandoned hydroelectric plants, deserts, and abandoned buildings… are all used as battle sites. In adventure locations, obstacles such as cog gears and wormholes;… Players are also equipped with maps to help players understand the area of the youkai and the way to the exit. Each level also has differently designed demons and different skills.

MHA Midoriya Fight apk free

Fight with monsters

With MHA: Midoriya Fight, and having to dodge obstacles and collect gold coins. Midoriya also had to face the demons that barricaded the door. Mutant bees are flying above my head. There are wild pink boars with two fangs. Just jump over them or launch counterattacks to destroy them. But important is the final boss, with the ability to be invincible. At the end of the game screen, the demons will be equipped with a health column to help players monitor the situation. Based on that can launch dangerous attacks at the right time and effectively. Before the official fight, there was also the chat of the demon greeting me or growling to impress.

MHA Midoriya Fight mod apk

Flexibility skills

Before enemy attacks, MHA: Midoriya Fight equips players with unique skills. Midoriya is often known for its consequential punch damage. He was trained by his teacher for a supple and toned body. The All for one punch is still a bright spot and a fatal blow for Midoriya. But besides that, there are also other skills such as sword, flame, … And players can combine them smoothly. Usually, in each game screen, there is a maximum of 3 times to use the All for one skill, so players need to consider and think carefully before using this skill. Avoid causing wasted punches with no remarkable effect.

MHA Midoriya Fight apk

Flexible combination of moves with skill keys to facilitate victory. MHA: Midoriya Fight has opened up a new world for fans of the My Hero Academi series. Here we can transform into our favorite characters, fighting against evil by ourselves. Immerse yourself in the vivid world, and destroying the Union of Evil is what everyone wants. Occasionally on the way of the adventure will appear random gift boxes. Upgrade skills regularly to increase sensitivity and accuracy for each operation. Download MHA: Midoriya Fight mod to transform into Midoriya and destroy the Alliance of Evil.

How to Download & Install MHA: Midoriya Fight MOD APK (Dumb enemy) for Android


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