Kingdom Eighties APK 1.1.1

Updated 01/04/2024 (2 weeks ago)
NameKingdom Eighties APK
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SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Kingdom Eighties

Kingdom Eighties MOD APK is where you can go on your exciting adventures. You will start strategic missions in the new world, where you must build a base. That’s when you go back to the eighties with its neon lights. And your goal is to protect the youth camp members from enemy attacks. They are greedy and mysterious monsters trying to steal families’ heritage. So you must join the fight with the orphans at your base. Get ready to fight against mysterious enemies to protect the crown of creation.

Your mission as a youth camp counselor is to protect your town’s families from enemies. They are mysterious monsters trying to storm the area where you live. So, to protect people and children, you need to build a solid base. This will be where you raise orphans and train them for different roles. And to be ready to fight, you must quickly make a base when morning comes. The enemy will attack when night falls, and you should try to defend. Start battles against greedy monsters and keep your town safe.

Kingdom Eighties mod

Download Kingdom Eighties APK mod – Win battles at the base you build

You will need to recruit neighborhood kids and help them gain superior powers. Then, depending on their abilities, assign them roles such as soldiers or builders. The soldiers will help you create a base to prevent monsters from attacking. They will help you raise walls and build turrets for defense. On the contrary, the children in the role of soldiers will help you fight when night falls. So, you must show leadership talent in defense missions and fight monsters. Defend your crown from the attacks of waves of cruel and greedy enemies.

Kingdom Eighties apk

Construction of the base area

Your town has become a target for the greediest monsters to attack. They want to rob the crown of creation to gain the power to create cruel forces. So, to prevent that disaster from happening, you need to unite and fight with the townspeople. That’s also when you can explore fighting stories with guided mechanics. Those details will help you quickly get used to it and perform combat movements fluently. And build a thriving base with help from the kids to get fighting capital. Build a floor in your town and prepare for the defensive war in Kingdom Eighties APK 1.1.1.

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Fight to liberate lands

You will begin your quests in the new world by defending against invading monsters. That’s when you passively prevent them from attacking every time night falls on the town. But over time, when you get used to the fight, you can organize attacks against them. At that time, you can use the wheels you collected to travel through many locations. These are areas you have never seen before, but there are many dangers within them. Monsters have invaded them all, and you must fight to liberate the lands. Go on adventure on road trips and visit different locations around the world.

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Develop the kingdom

Your base has been built since you began your youth camp counselor duties. There, you will meet talented individuals to help you fight and defend. But the three children are still the most prominent, including The Wiz, The Champ, and The Tinkerer. Each person will have unique abilities; you must combine them to pass puzzles. Then, you will decode your surroundings and unlock new functions. But don’t forget to upgrade technology to produce weapons and exploit combat resources. Grow strong with the talented children at your base to take down all monsters.

Kingdom Eighties mod apk

You will be the one to lead a town to fight against the surrounding greedy monsters. They will appear when night falls, so you need to take advantage of building a base during the day. With the children’s help, you will have enough time to prepare for battle. And they are also very courageous when using weapons with you to defeat attacking monsters. So take the initiative to start your travels and directly confront demons. Your journeys will take you to different lands, so collect resources to develop your kingdom. Download Kingdom Eighties MOD APK to conquer combat missions while accompanying the children.

How to Download & Install Kingdom Eighties APK for Android


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