Mahjong Forest Puzzle MOD APK 23.0113.00 (Unlimited Life)

Updated on 13/01/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameMahjong Forest Puzzle APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Life
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Mahjong Forest Puzzle is a puzzle game that helps a squirrel rescue his friend. Players are given a table of carefully arranged tiles of different symbols. Your job is to combine squares with the same symbol. Matching is based on a certain requirement that the game makes. The fact that the tiles are planted on top of each other is not surprising, players need to find a way to arrange them from the top down. Because after combining, these mahjong pieces will disappear and turn into scores. After disappearing the mahjong pieces above, the pieces below are revealed. Players continue to combine until all the cards are on the table.

At the beginning, the player meets a mischievous squirrel with sparkling eyes. This little chipmunk Rolly has lost his flower seeds. And must perform the puzzle task with the mahjong pieces to be able to find the flower seeds again. Along with that, rescue the blue birds stuck between the chess pieces. Match all tiles with the same symbol, some of which are shiny yellow Collect these tiles to earn more gold coins. The added points fill the upper claim bar with green. There are divided points areas to win stars, up to three for players.

Mahjong Forest Puzzle mod

Download Mahjong Forest Puzzle mod – Help Chipmunk squirrel match the same mahjong pieces

Manipulating the game is relatively simple, just touch a tile with any icon. Then look for the tile with the same design and tap it. When selected, this piece will glow yellow. If they are the same, they will fly to collide with each other and disappear. Open the gap, and appear the cells are arranged behind. The amount of time in a game screen will be limited. Therefore, players can both play and pay attention to avoid wasting time in vain. As a level game the later, the difficulty and arrangement of the tiles are also more complicated. Once completed, an image of a squirrel jumping happily appears.

Choose tiles quickly

In the game, on the first plane, there may exist identical and different tiles. However, this similarity may have slightly different characteristics. They are judged by the same appearance or are of the same type but have some color points that are not the same. Because these mahjong pieces are placed on a green lawn, the area is limited. So these cells can overlap other cells, forming different layers. The top tiles are touched first, which opens the bottom tiles one after the other. If it cannot be opened, the tiles that are overwritten cannot be touched. Therefore, the game feels both easy and difficult.

Mahjong Forest Puzzle mod apk

More than 180 levels

Because it is a level game, the number of levels of Mahjong Forest Puzzle is large and diverse. The mahjong tiles in each level are arranged in different shapes. Can be arranged in odd shapes or stacked one after another. Sometimes they are arranged in a circle, the chess pieces are planted on top of each other. Or in three vertical rows of mahjong cards. Diverse levels for players to explore. Sometimes in the middle of the bricks is the entanglement of little blue birds. Just disappearing all the tiles and pressing them, they can freely fly outside.

Mahjong Forest Puzzle apk free

Support key

Already a puzzle game, the difficulty in some levels is no longer strange to players. Therefore, the manufacturer has included a number of supporting factors for players to easily overcome. Support factors are awarded when the player passes a number of levels or successfully completes a certain task. The yellow light bulb skill helps players find a pair of identical tiles. The glowing red bomb-shaped skill makes some tiles disappear. The skill has two crossed green arrows to shuffle the positions of the tiles. Or the image of a blue clock increases the time for the game screen.

Mahjong Forest Puzzle android

After winning the game screen, the rewards that players receive are also diverse and rich. Flower seeds, chestnuts, costumes for squirrels, … Or use the number of gold cards earned through the game screen to buy equipment for Chipmunk squirrel. Head accessories such as a hat, bow or brown mustache, and pink earrings. There are also clothes and bags, and accessories that are gifted to your squirrel. Using them makes Chipmunk the way you want it to be. Download Mahjong Forest Puzzle mod to help Chipmunk the squirrel rescue the forest flower seeds.

Download Mahjong Forest Puzzle MOD APK (Unlimited Life) for Android

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