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Updated on 18/12/2022 (1 month ago)
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The next step after the success of That level again is the introduction of That level again 2. Unlike the original version, That level again 2 has other suggestions for each level. If you have been a fan of That level again, then surely you will not be able to ignore That level again 2. In this next release, there will not be too many changes. But it is very worthwhile for you to conquer new puzzles. That level again 2 does not change too much, so those who have played in the first version will also be very easy to play. Are you curious to see if this version is different from the old version?

It is up to the player to leave the house and avoid the obstacles. The character incarnation in your game is a secret. Understand the suggested puzzles, you will be able to easily pass each level. When it comes to the game you will be able to get almost any information. At each level, there will be its own brief information. Developer IamTagir tells you that you are in a room with thorns. There are buttons to control forward, backward and high jump. Just go to the door and you will be able to easily pass the level. Sounds easy to play right, let’s see if it is as easy as the description!

That level again 2

Download That level again 2 mod – Puzzle to leave the house

This is a game that sounds very simple, easy to win. But if you hastily conclude when hearing like that, it is indeed a mistake. This is because all levels look the same. In essence, each level will have a similar appearance, but the puzzle will be different. That level again 2 is a game with high logic, requiring players to solve puzzles to easily win. However, it still gives users relaxation and entertainment after stressful moments.

That level again 2 download

Solve puzzles and complete challenges

Your task is very simple, it is to solve the clue and follow them. Each puzzle will be an extremely important key to help you overcome the challenge. Similar to the previous version, this version also has 64 levels. It can be frustrating if you do not know the correct answer to overcome the challenge. But try and stay calm to find the answer, because success will come if you calm down and use your mind to solve the puzzle. Luckily for you, your character is immortal, so it won’t be too difficult to win.

That level again 2 download 1

Mysterious character

Join the game, you will be role-playing as a mysterious character. You have a very simple task trying to solve the puzzles and leave the house. Your character will be suggested if you encounter a difficult puzzle. It looks very simple, but you will have to be very flexible to understand the puzzles. Grab the key and proceed to the next room. In each door, the higher level will get the key in different ways. Or the end of the challenge wouldn’t be entirely just going through the next door. Maybe you will go another way for example.

That level again 2 free

The difficulty of each level

At first, when you first start the game you will feel this is an easy game. But as you progress to higher levels you will feel the difficulty of them. It won’t be as simple as taking the keys and moving to a new level anymore. You will encounter situations such as the key being frozen, or sacrificing yourself to overcome the challenge. The interface of each challenge looks the same, but pay attention to the puzzle and complete the challenge based on them. There will be situations that you need to be smart to solve because if you don’t understand the puzzle, it will be difficult to overcome.

A new genre of entertainment game but also gives players excitement. Use your sharp thinking to overcome puzzles and conquer 64 levels. Help the character to successfully leave the house. Try to experience That level again 2 now! This is really a great game to relax. How many levels will you be able to overcome yourself? Pass more than half of the levels? Or excellently pass all the levels? The answer is yours. Show yourself as a smart and agile person by completing 64 levels!

Download That level again 2 MOD APK (No ads) for Android

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