Impostor Academy MOD APK 1.40 (Unlimited money/Free upgrades)

Updated on 07/01/2023 (3 weeks ago)
NameImpostor Academy APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money/Free upgrades
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Find impostors in the spaceship and kick their ass off the flight in Impostor Academy. A spacecraft travelling in space is on a mission to explore the universe. In addition, a spaceship is where Humanity sends messages of peace throughout the galaxy. However, the crew impersonators had infiltrated the people working on the spacecraft. They want to disrupt the spaceship’s journey by sabotaging the controls. The impostor will also change people’s messages of peace into provocative letters. Quickly uncover the crew impostors and destroy their sabotage plans.

A ship that traverses the galaxies and fulfils the noble goal entrusted to it by the world. The ship’s crew are carefully selected and loyal to their purpose. They are ready to serve the noble cause of Humanity and go out to explore the galaxy. On their bodies are also announcements of life on earth and everywhere in the universe. However, the ship began to appear, and impersonators of the crew started sabotaging it. They plot to destroy the boat and send messages of aggression to the outer planet. Stop the plan of traitors to the team and protect the target of the spaceship.

Impostor Academy free

Download Impostor Academy mod – Defend the spaceship mission and destroy the impostor

The spacecraft, whose mission is to bring news of human life all over the planet, is going well. All the work is still going in order, and the task will be successful soon. But the appearance of elements impersonating the crew interrupted the spacecraft’s journey. The hunt for the person who sabotages the plan of all humanity is being carried out aggressively. Only by finding all the traitors can the spaceship’s program continue. You are the captain of the crew on this ship, and your responsibility is more significant than that. Find out who sabotages the spacecraft’s mission and destroys the crew impostor.

Impostor Academy apk

The target of the spaceship

Earth has gathered the most critical missions and put them on the space shuttle. The spacecraft’s mission is to get out of the earth and spread the message of peace to every planet. Humanity wants to announce that there is a planet that contains the life of creatures in this place. The spacecraft’s mission is officially started when the ship departs and rises into the air. Those who receive the spacecraft target are the most enthusiastic and trustworthy. But the journey of these crews will encounter obstacles that only they can solve. To maintain the crew’s sense of responsibility and be ready for the challenge of the traitor.

Impostor Academy android

Looking for impostors

The impostors managed to infiltrate the roster of recruited crews. They are traitors to this world and desire to create a war between planets. So they pretended to be the crew on the spaceship and started the sabotage plan. Their goal is to spread malicious messages and create interplanetary conflicts. After completing an intergalactic war, they will destroy the entire crew. But luckily, you can see their plan when participating in the patrol of the spaceship. Things are still workable, and first, find and destroy the impostors.

Impostor Academy mod

Solidarity crew

You are the head of the spaceship mission and responsible for all the tasks of the world. But impostors have appeared on the ship, and you must find a way to solve it quickly. The traitor must be found and punished for daring to spoil the standard plan. The crew members on the boat need to unite under your command. Traitors are very powerful, and you have to merge crew members to be able to fight. The power of the whole spaceship will surpass the impostors if you unite all the crew. Use the control of the ship’s crew to join to find and punish the impostor.

Impostor Academy mod apk

The impersonators of the crew members have begun carrying out their sabotage plans. The ship has flown out of the earth, and now you are the sole commander on the spaceship. You must calm down from the traitors’ destruction and protect the ship’s target. It is also necessary to find them as quickly as possible to avoid even worse consequences for Humanity. The unity of the crew members will be the strength against the impostors. No matter how strong they are, they can’t fight against all of the crew members on board. Download Impostor Academy mod to run spaceships and destroy human impostors.

Download Impostor Academy MOD APK (Unlimited money/Free upgrades) for Android

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