Coin Master MOD APK (Menu/Unlocked) 3.5.1500

Updated 20/02/2024 (6 days ago)
NameCoin Master APK
PublisherMoon Active
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlocked
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Coin Master MOD APK Information


– Send Unlimited Cards
– Unlock All Card Collections

Introduce MOD APK Coin Master

Coin Master lets players build their own villages by dialing and looting. Surely you remember the cult game Pirate Kings a while later was killed. Moon Active created a similar version but with many improvements to avoid the traces of the previous version. Your main task is to make the pirate village the most powerful. When you become the strongest, you will have the power to dominate and limit other players to break your property. Coin Master MOD is expected by players because of its attractive features. Creating a village is simpler when you install it. Your speed will be far ahead of your opponents so they cannot catch up.

Players will be traveling through time in Coin Master. Did you find it attractive? Arriving in the magical lands, you need to fight hard. What image do you want to become? Warrior, king, politician, or a powerful pirate. Complete the mission of this journey and then become the character you want.

Coin Master mod

Download Coin Master MOD APK – Build your pirate village

Coin Master is popular in many countries in a short time. However, it is not destroyed by the constantly changing updates of the publisher. Players never have to be behind the trend when improvements are regularly refreshed. Now, let’s find out what features this game has.

Dial to receive items

You can get money when you hit a coin or gold wrap. The money will help you upgrade your village more spacious. Besides the dial also helps players receive shields against those who want to sabotage your village. In the original version, the spin will be limited, but when you use Coin Master fname MOD, you turn the throttle to get the items you need. Make the village inviolable.

Attack and plunder other pirates

In addition to taking care of your land, you also need to collect from the village of other pirates. Dialing may not meet your growing needs. Find the items you need in another village then steal them. Also check out those who attacked your village in the past and seek revenge to get back what was lost. Sometimes the things you rob yourself surprise you.

Collect cards

You should not skip any card. It could be a treasure. Collect each card to create your own deck of cards. Proceeding to the next village, resounding victories await you. Be one of the most outstanding villages for your friends.

Coin Master mod apk

Questions related to Coin Master

How to hatch Tiger?

Tiger has an important role in the game, it helps increase the number of coins and attack others. However, to unlock Tiger first you need to complete the Beasts card collection. That is the only condition to get Tiger.

How many villages are in Coin Master?

Up to the current version, the number of villages in the game is 221. Maybe in the future, this number will increase. Please follow the article to be updated offline.

How much does it cost to complete a village?

Each level needs a different amount of money. The higher the level, the greater the payout, so follow the statistics below for more information.

1Land of Vikings3,1 M
2Ancient Egypt5,2 M
3Snowy Alps9,5 M
4Inca13,2 M
5Far East16,3 M
6Stone Age17,4 M
7Sunny Hawaii20,6 M
8Troy25,8 M
9Africa31,0 M
10Atlantis34,8 M
11The Future35,8 M
12Woodstock37,4 M
13Arabian Nights41,0 M
14Moon Landing42,8 M
15Wild West46,6 M
16Netherland48,3 M
17Jungle51,3 M
18Wonderland53,8 M
19Miners56,2 M
20The Arctic60,0 M
21Apocalypse61,0 M
22Candy Land63,4 M
23Army Camp64,2 M
24Halloween67,3 M
25The Tribe66,6 M
26Australia71,0 M
27Columbus69,7 M
28Mexico75,8 M
29Magical Forest81,0 M
30India85,7 M
31The 50’s91,7 M
32Thailand97,2 M
33Coin Manor108,9 M
34Dragon Lair115,2 M
35Greek Island120,1 M
36LA Dreams126,3 M
37The Wizard134,0 M
38Oil Tyrant141,5 M
39La Familia153,6 M
40Area 51163,8 M
41Night of the Dead165,1 M
42Steampunk Land174,6 M
43The Zoo180,5 M
44Russia192,3 M
45Musketeers205,0 M
46Lady Bug216,2 M
47Theme Park229,0 M
48Tibet251,5 M
49Hell272,8 M
50Easter279,0 M
51Japan282,9 M
52Swamp291,0 M
53Wizard of Oz304,0 M
54Timbuktu320,7 M
55Jurassic Ville345,3 M
56Canada348,1 M
57Mongolia368,4 M
58Jacks Beanstalks384,1 M
59Scotland409,9 M
60Robin Hood433,1 M
61Deep Sea453,3 M
62Don Quixote483,4 M
63Colosseum505,3 M
64Cat Castle523,0 M
65Olympus542,6 M
66Trolls565,8 M
67Aliens591,4 M
68Da Vinci630,0 M
69Sand Land658,5 M
70Elves694,8 M
71Switzerland726,2 M
72Truckers773,7 M
73Spain0,9 B
74Little Red0,9 B
75Unicorn1,0 B
76Scientist1,0 B
77Romania1,0 B
78Singapore1,0 B
79Tin Soldier1,1 B
80Crazy Bride1,1 B
81Pilot1,2 B
82Fairy Tale1,3 B
83Car Racing1,4 B
84Gnome1,4 B
85Desert Punk1,4 B
86Detective1,4 B
87Baba Yaga1,5 B
88Barbarian1,7 B
89Restaurant1,7 B
90King Arthur1,8 B
91Sinbad1,8 B
92Bikers Bar2,0 B
93Caribbean Resort2,1 B
94Super Heroes2,2 B
95Egyptian Pyramids2,2 B
96Olympic Games2,3 B
97Mountain Climbers2,4 B
98Milky Way2,6 B
99Ski Slope2,7 B
100Royal Monkey2,8 B
101Snow White2,8 B
102Goblin Ghetto3,1 B
103Yemen3,4 B
104Wu Xing3,4 B
105Circus3,6 B
106Yokai3,7 B
107Golf Course3,8 B
108Lucha Libre4,1 B
109Cyber Cowboys4,2 B
110Rice Farmer4,6 B
111Captain Shipyard4,7 B
112Irish Craic5,0 B
113Oktoberfest5,3 B
114Amazon5,6 B
115Aztec5,7 B
116Forbidden City5,8 B
117Ice Queen6,0 B
118Samurai6,4 B
119Santa’s Factory6,7 B
120Soccer7,0 B
121Tennis7,4 B
122Thanksgiving7,8 B
123Toys8,2 B
124Venice8,5 B
125Witches9,0 B
126Yankee9,2 B
127Zanzibar9,6 B
128Moby Dick10,2 B
129Turkey10,6 B
130Argentina11,3 B
131Boxing Club11,8 B
132Carnival12,6 B
133Dracula13,1 B
134Future Park13,5 B
135Gymnastics14,3 B
136New York14,5 B
137Swamp Princess15,1 B
138Punk Rock15,2 B
139Railroad16,2 B
140Rio17,8 B
141Space Pirate18,6 B
142Mech Workshop19,8 B
143Jocke & Jonna20,7 B
144Colombia21,1 B
145Petra21,6 B
146Monkey Kingdom22,0 B
147Persian Sultan22,6 B
148Desert Party22,9 B
149Hercules23,4 B
150Shaolin23,8 B
151Baker Shop24,6 B
152Billiard24,8 B
153Noah’s Ark25,8 B
154Doomsday26,8 B
155Orc28,2 B
156Fairy29,0 B
157Ice Age30,2 B
158Cleopatra30,5 B
159Valhalla31,3 B
160Supervillain32,0 B
161Horse Racing33,6 B
162Jazz Club34,2 B
163Fashion34,5 B
164Barber Shop36,0 B
165Mermaid City37,1 B
166Street Dance37,9 B
167Saloon Slickers38,8 B
168Centaure40,6 B
169Dungeon Lair41,8 B
170Brazil Amazon43,8 B
171Morocco45,0 B
172Firefighters45,7 B
173Jousting46,6 B
174Sculpture Workshop48,4 B
175Babylon49,0 B
176Boarding School51,3 B
177Movie Set52,8 B
178Dino Ranch52,4 B
179American Football56,0 B
180Beauty and the Beast57,7 B
181Galapagos59,6 B
182Robo Tech Girl61,4 B
183Darwin64,1 B
184Dinner64,9 B
185Mad Hatter67,0 B
186San Fransisco68,6 B
187Rally Racing70,5 B
188Madagascar72,9 B
189Police Station75,4 B
190Bee Hive76,8 B
191Napoleon79,1 B
192Basketball82,2 B
193Film Noir84,8 B
194Baseball87,3 B
195Pet Saloon89,7 B
196Scouts Camp92,6 B
197Leprechaun95,4 B
198Athletics98,2 B
199Burglar101,1 B
200Ice Hockey104,2 B
201Talk Show106,9 B
202Havana110,6 B
203Cyber Future113,8 B
204Magic Show?
207Louise The 16th?
208Sea Master Park?
209Zombie Boogie?
211County Folk Band?
212Trainer of Dragons?
213China Wall?
214Mail Man?
216Grand Biking Tour?
217Space Cleaners?
218Dwarf Workshop?
219Swimming Pool?
221Haunted House?

Coin Master synchronously connects to social networks. You can easily see your friends if they are also playing this game. Make your village stand out and make your friends admire. Download the Coin Master MOD to dominate the pirate empire is no longer a difficult thing.

How to Download & Install Coin Master MOD APK (Menu/Unlocked) for Android


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is this work?
i’ve tried but its not working..

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what is moded in this version. I dont see any diference

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