The Simpsons: Tapped Out MOD APK (Free shopping) 4.65.0

Updated 06/12/2023 (3 days ago)
NameThe Simpsons: Tapped Out APK
MOD FeaturesFree shopping
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Introduce MOD APK The Simpsons: Tapped Out

The Simpsons: Tapped Out mod lets you redevelop the city from ruins to atone for Homer’s wicked sin. Originally a beautiful place, people were living in the town in peace. Character flaws that caused the nuclear explosion left everything behind. Everyone hates you, now is the time to regain their trust with your own efforts. Step by step make this place more alive than the houses, supermarkets, and many other buildings have ever been here. Homer’s mistake this time is not like always, he faces many difficulties. The Simpsons ™: Tapped Out gives you the chance to help him rebuild the city.

The nuclear explosion leveled the town and left no one out. Homer’s luck is great when he’s not injured, so be grateful for that and get on with your mission right away. You will be instructed on the reconstruction of specific structures from the placement of the foundation. Don’t look at the entire city view and compare it to before. That can make you sad or feel bad. Focus on quickly helping the city get bustling activities and reunite with families.

The Simpsons Tapped Out mod

Download The Simpsons: Tapped Out MOD – Rebuild the city after the blast

Marge, Lisa, Maggie are close members of Homer’s family. I think they are missing you, doing a good job and soon reuniting with their dear family. Though the storyline of The Simpsons ™: Tapped Out is that you’re regaining people’s trust after the nuclear explosion. However, in reality, you are in control of this place and decide the fate of each character. Players can force someone to work continuously for long hours or help them get high positions. Homer will walk around the city as a manager in town.

The Simpsons Tapped Out mod apk

Unlock character

The game features quests for Homer. Once done, you have the right to unlock the character and control them as you like. But I don’t like how personal emotions dominate the game. For example, you let Homer do light work, and Apu has to work hard for a long day. Besides, you help the characters change with many new outfits to more easily identify them. The Simpsons ™: Tapped Out has a number of options for you to transform your character’s appearance more easily.

City rebuild

It can be said that this is a time of crisis for Springfield. The nuclear explosion has robbed the town of everything, leaving the mess in a mess. If taken seriously, this is the test for Homer. Take advantage of the workforce from unlocking new characters. They are the people who share the burden of work and share the same goal of rebuilding this city to develop over the past.

The Simpsons Tapped Out mod download

The Simpsons ™: Tapped Out is a place where all kinds of situations like animal smuggling take place, and it’s tied to real life. If you are a fan of The Simpsons, you can not ignore this game. Meet your favourite, immersive faces again to help them complete their quests. Download The Simpsons ™: Tapped Out MOD you need a lot of time to help Homer redeem his mistake with the inhabitants of the town.

How to Download & Install The Simpsons: Tapped Out MOD APK (Free shopping) for Android


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1 year ago

Hi how does it work?
So in the shop I found everything, it’s just that I once had infinite at the start of the game.

2 years ago

No tiene rosquillas ilimitadas ?