Chicken Clash MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.0.4

Updated 15/10/2022 (1 year ago)
NameChicken Clash APK
PublisherYuTu game
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
Chicken Clash MOD APK detail?

1. Menu
2. Unlimited Currency ( Gold, Gem )
– Increase instead of decrease

Introduce MOD APK Chicken Clash

Defend your pumpkin farm from the angry chickens in the game Chicken Clash. The place where you produced the pumpkin is now in front of the chickens. They suddenly go mad and appear in front of your farm where you grow vegetables and fruits for everyone. Chickens are constantly entering your farm and destroying the growing pumpkins. The chickens move continuously in each row of pumpkins you have seeded. Your farm is in danger when the chickens suddenly go mad and attack here. Fight the chickens, keep the pumpkins intact before the chicken’s attack, and destroy them.

A bunch of chickens has gone mad, and to get rid of them, they need to destroy a place in the village. They have targeted your farm, and they are heading for the pumpkins. The farm place was now disturbed by the chickens here, and silence needed to be established. Chickens are constantly landing on the farm, and you need to have traps ready. Use the tools you use in planting and trap the chickens that dare to come forward. Attack and bring the chickens back to normal and keep the pumpkin farm safe. Rescue the pumpkins you grow from the destructive paws of rebellious chickens.

Chicken Clash android

Download Chicken Clash mod – Defend the farm from chickens

The farm of pumpkin farmers has been targeted by the chickens here. They were affected by something and suddenly rebelled and acted strangely. They have become more evil an ordinary animals and constantly rush into the farm. Your garden can’t escape either because they’ve gone mad to stay sane. Chickens may not temporarily attack your farm, but you must be prepared. Trapping work must be done before any sudden attack by chickens. Use weapons made from farm tools to attack the chickens and protect the farm where you grow pumpkins.

Chicken Clash apk

Pumpkin farm

A pumpkin garden you’ve worked so hard to plant seed by seed is waiting to be attacked. Each row of pumpkins sown has grown and formed into plump pumpkins. The pumpkins are waiting to be harvested but are now about to be destroyed by the crazy chickens. But you also can’t let this happen because every action can be prepared in advance. So get ready for the arrival of the chickens and set traps to keep them locked up on the farm. The more chickens you kill or capture, the greater the safety of the farm. Become a farmer of the farm by protecting his pumpkins.

Chicken Clash free

Chickens are crazy

Each chicken around was average until they suddenly showed strange behavior. They become more aggressive and ready to rush to any planting site to wreak havoc. The villagers were not prepared for this unexpected situation and were destroyed. But the luckiest farm is yours as any mad chickens haven’t visited it. There will be no exception when the chickens are gathered at the gate of your farm. Prepare in advance for the presence of any chickens on the farm to attack. The traps you have will help reduce the number of them appearing on the farm. Keep crafting weapons to attack the chickens and set traps for defense.

Chicken Clash mod

Protect the pumpkins

Each pumpkin is the source of life that the villagers always plant on their farms. But now the whole village has been upset by the angry chickens, and the chickens are the cause. After all, the footprints of chickens kept popping up everywhere. The chickens had trampled on the pumpkin garden, and the whole farm had been untouched. The chickens, in large numbers, crushed the pumpkins and destroyed the villagers’ livelihood. So you need to prevent this not only for your farm but also for others. The farm pumpkins need your action to stay safe from the chickens.

Chicken Clash mod apk

After all, the chickens still choose your farm as their following attack location. They went mad without warning and suddenly became strangely impatient. The chicken footprints have destroyed every villager’s farm; next will be yours. The pitfalls must be musty once the chickens appear and attack the farm. Weapons to eliminate chickens will be made from daily farm tools that you use. The pumpkins need to be kept safe before the chickens can destroy them. Download Chicken Clash mod to confront a flock of angry chickens and protect the pumpkin farm.

How to Download & Install Chicken Clash MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android


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