Crack Shooter MOD APK 2.0.9 (Dumb enemy)

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NameCrack Shooter APK
PublisherKu Hui
MOD FeaturesDumb enemy
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Mod only works on rooted devices

When we hear about the Wild West, we often think of cowboys. They are the people who live in this area, wear typical clothes and are very good at shooting. Fierce gun battles often take place on this wild and rich land. Their horse footprints are always imprinted on the hot sand of the arid desert over time. Download Crack Shooter to experience the feeling of becoming a western cowboy with ultimate gun skills.

Crack Shooter is a game with simple but detailed and eye-catching graphics. Bring in attractive and interesting gameplay and very easy to manipulate. Set in the wild and majestic western land. It is a residence of cowboys with a strong temperament and courage. They will have to stand up to fight the devastating enemies where they live. Severe damage was made to them and their loved ones are taken away. It is you who will help them pick up the gun and destroy the invading alien enemies. Regain freedom for this majestic and vast land. Rescue loved ones being held captive by aliens.

Crack Shooter

Download Crack Shooter mod – Fight off hordes of aliens

Coming to the world of Crack Shooter, you will play as a cowboy with the ability to use guns. Your mission is to use your beloved gun to destroy all obstacles and enemies blocking your way. The controls are also very easy for beginners to play. Just use the navigation bar to move the character where you need it. You can choose to use the manual shot button or let the self-shot mode and just move to dodge. After a period of attack, you will be able to use your character’s special skills. It will allow you to fire a wide range of ammo with devastating destructive power on the enemy. Practice proficiently to improve your shooting skills.

Crack Shooter download

Interesting adventure

The story follows a group of cowboys on an adventurous journey to the wild West to explore. They found a better life and settled here. Leave the civilized life behind and start rolling around so that you can take your place on this land. Their seemingly peaceful life did not last long. Suddenly one day, disgusting creatures appeared out of nowhere. They crawled out of nowhere and began to rampage killing the people around them. Destroying all the farms and houses left this place in ruins and in disrepair. Your mission is to stand up and destroy them.

Crack Shooter apk

Owning hegemony characters

In Crack Shooter you can own yourself many different characters. Each character will have their own shape, personality, and strength. To own these powerful and powerful characters you will have to buy them in the store. Use the bonuses collected through the levels to be able to own them. Or you can complete the daily quests that the game sets out to be able to collect more rewards. From there, you can get more new and special characters. Combine them into a powerful squad. Use their flexible switch in levels to bring victory. Enjoy the collection of powerful cowboys.

Crack Shooter mod

Diverse features

Crack Shooter possesses very interesting features only in this game. A virtual joystick will let you dodge and roll any way you want. Use it to dodge dangerous bullets from the enemy. Try to accumulate enough of the character’s ultimate skills to easily wipe out enemies on the map. Using them is sensible and smart to win. You can also create a lot of cool and interesting combos with your ability. These combos will help you destroy the enemy more easily in combat. Upgrade yourself very high to increase the strength and explore the full potential of the character you play.

Crack Shooter free

Special weapons

Each different character will own different guns. In a match, you can switch flexibly between these weapons. It will be useful in different combat situations. Deals stronger damage to different enemies in battle. Be a smart player and arrange them properly. Use in conjunction with proficient dodge skills. Use them with great combos to make it a weapon of destruction. Download now Crack Shooter mod to explore the wild western world. Become a brave cowboy set out to destroy bloodthirsty monsters. Bring peace and happiness to this beautiful land.

Download Crack Shooter MOD APK (Dumb enemy) for Android

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