Boobs vs Aliens MOD APK (Menu, Free upgrades/Dumb enemy) 1.0.6

Updated 20/08/2022 (2 years ago)
NameBoobs vs Aliens APK
PublisherRed Peach Studio
MOD FeaturesMenu, Free upgrades/Dumb enemy
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Boobs vs Aliens MOD APK detail?

1. Menu
2. Dumb Enemy/No Attack (Helper are also affected with this)
3. Free Hero Upgrade
4. Free weapon Upgrade
5. Unlocked all Ammo Chests
6. Free Ammo Chest
7. Free Black Market Chest
8. High Power => Skip battles
Collect Ammo Chest/go to Main Screen/back to ammo Chest to new Claim

Introduce MOD APK Boobs vs Aliens

Earth in Boobs vs Aliens is in danger of being attacked by aliens. You are the chosen one and will lead this war to the end. Get hold of the most powerful weapons and fight fearsome enemies. Allies will be the best support for you to accomplish your goals. Driveaway the invaders and return the inherent peace to your beloved planet. They can create many tragedies, but the price will be very high. Your creativity knows no bounds.

Tower defense is a strategic game that appeared a long time ago. So far, it still retains its value and has been improved a lot. Typically with Boobs vs Aliens with great graphics and excellent visuals, it brings. Let players immerse themselves in the perfect fantasy wars. Feel free to customize the features in it to get cooperative gameplay. The conflict between humans and aliens never ends. Enjoy it today on your touch device.

Boobs vs Aliens mod

Download Boobs vs Aliens mod – Fight the evil aliens

The future Earth is witnessing the invasion of an unknown force. That is the empire of aliens in the form of underwater creatures. They brought modern technology to create large-scale conquests. Your task is to gather the most muscular girls around. Together they form strong defenses against the oncoming attacks. They will automatically fight when opponents start appearing in front of them. The more targets destroyed, the closer your team comes to victory. Don’t let anyone get past the barrier to enter the city you’re protecting.

Meet the girls

Your warriors are none other than young and strong girls. They have survived the attacks and are now ready to take revenge on the monsters. There were a total of ten girls with special weapons used. These are stolen from the monsters and provide a good defense. The main character will stand with them to defend and attack the enemy with their strength. When you accumulate a certain amount of resources, you will be able to unlock new girls. Discover what they can do with their guns. You can take advantage of many other customizations in each character.

Boobs vs Aliens mod free

Upgrade to be stronger

To progress to higher levels, we need to increase the strength of our allies. Your girls can be drained of existing resources to get higher levels. Each time you upgrade, the damage and effects created from the weapon are enhanced. The higher the group, the stronger and more impressive, of course. But at the same time, the resource required to upgrade will also be increased more. You can focus on upgrading the girls you love the most. So help your team’s power reach even higher limits. Finally, beat all the most complicated levels and keep the enemies falling to the end.

Boobs vs Aliens mod apk

Dozens of enemies

The aliens coming to invade Earth are those who have a significant influence on the universe. They are a race that has advanced evolution and superior technology. In each chapter of Boobs vs Aliens, you will be fighting many different monsters. From female demons, male monsters to huge giants. Some people have fast movement speed, and others have good stamina, which will cause you a headache in figuring out how to prevent it. The key to defeating them is to get stronger over time. The more you upgrade, the more your allies can completely resist them.

Boobs vs Aliens mod android

Crafting rewards

The things you collect from the corpses of monsters will be precious. These can be hoarded and consolidated when sufficient quantities are needed. You will receive rich rewards that can help you upgrade your character or change your appearance. These rewards can also accrue from being active every day. You do not have to worry about missing the necessary things if you work hard. Strength over time will also be significantly enhanced. The fight against aliens will always face significant challenges. Let Boobs vs Aliens mod make you a true warrior.

How to Download & Install Boobs vs Aliens MOD APK (Menu, Free upgrades/Dumb enemy) for Android


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