Call of Chaos: Age of PK MOD APK (Unlimited money, skills, onehit) 1.3.13

Updated 08/04/2024 (1 month ago)
NameCall of Chaos: Age of PK APK
PublisherBeCONN Games
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, skills, onehit
SupportAndroid 6.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
Call of Chaos: Age of PK MOD APK detail?

1. Skill Cooldown Adjustable, So you can adjust as you want, A skill is stunning, so you get also Godmod.
2. Premium Currency [CC] Injected to 99.9999!
3. Always Crit
4. Monster Drop 100 k Gold.
Don’t abuse too much I don’t know the Ban Rate!

Introduce MOD APK Call of Chaos: Age of PK

Call of Chaos : Age of PK is a battleground for those who like the PK style. This is not something to condemn but rather our intense passion. So here you will become a warrior in the true sense that we often see. Fight against the forces of darkness and other players. Show your ultimate combat ability with quick and compact actions. If you defeat the enemy, you are the strongest in the arena. A relatively simple rule but also challenging and full of risks.

Korea is the birthplace of role-playing games that are incredibly famous and attractive to the world. Call of Chaos : Age of PK is also a product from the developer BeCONN Games of this country. It is designed specifically for touch phone devices with a vertical screen feature. Players will also be able to build strength in the way they want. Quality graphics with extremely eye-catching combat effects. Lots of new features are constantly being updated most quickly for players. We will always feel satisfied when experiencing.

Call of Chaos Age of PK mod

Download Call of Chaos : Age of PK mod – PK to win many victories

First, before you can work, you need to set up your character. You can choose the gender, name, and role the surface will pursue in the journey. Once created, you will start performing tasks to get promoted. You can click on the list to let the character find his way to the people he needs. After the tasks are completed, you will have bonuses and experience to accumulate. When you get experience to a certain level, you will be upgraded to a higher level. Some missions will require the character to fight his enemies. Use skills and elemental attacks to destroy them all.

Great Battlefield

Call of Chaos: Age of PK works on an enormous battlefield divided into different regions. Each region will include dungeons and the territory of the creatures that live there. You will find a lot of fun hunting powerful monsters. Collected crystal blocks to use for beneficial exchange activities. On top of that is meeting NPCs that influence the plot. We will come to a new land with many mysteries through each chapter. Accumulate a lot of experience unlock your potential from the tasks you receive. That’s how we can grow better and faster than ever.

Call of Chaos Age of PK mod free

Rare items

you can find many exciting things that can serve your purpose. The first are potions that restore or increase combat power for a certain period during the game. Next is the equipment suitable for the character class to enhance their strength. A complete set of equipment will help add a lot of primary stats. More specifically, the rarer the equipment, the more power it brings to the character. There are also collectible items in exchange for valuable rewards. No matter what activity you do, you will receive a return that gets a lot of profit to yourself.

Call of Chaos Age of PK mod apk

Fierce PK

When we look at the game’s name, we will see the phrase PK in it. This is also the direction that you will follow to become even stronger. You will build strength to a higher threshold to PK the best way. Players on your server or even other servers can fight each other. See who can claim the most lives and prove the fruit of their training. Only when you are strong can you survive in Call of Chaos : Age of PK.

How to Download & Install Call of Chaos: Age of PK MOD APK (Unlimited money, skills, onehit) for Android


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