WizQuest MOD APK (Unlimited money/Energy/Free Upgrade) 1.0.6

Updated 30/10/2023 (1 month ago)
NameWizQuest APK
PublisherDobsoft Studios
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money/Energy/Free Upgrade
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play

WizQuest MOD APK Information

1. Free Gear Upgrade (both gold & mat)
2. Unlimited Gold
3. Unlimited Diamonds
4. Freeze Energy
5. OHK

Introduce MOD APK WizQuest

WizQuest is a role-playing adventure in the vast and mysterious world of magic. Play as an adept wizard proficient in many powerful schools of magic. Use all possible skills to defeat the evil DarkWizard. This dark force is raging and destroying everything in this colorful, magical world. They want to destroy all the beautiful and colorful things on the earth and make the earth covered in night. A simple witch with a blue outfit and a long gray beard. In his hand he held a powerful brown wooden scepter combined with a stern face.

First, the player is placed in a ginger covered with green trees. Standing on a rock of strength carved a web of elements. On both sides of the road are two rows of beautiful flowers racing to bloom. Follow the yellow arrow ahead, step through the arched stone gate, and there is a white tornado screen. Entering the battle, the player encounters the enemy at any position in the arena. The main enemy stands in a red dashed circle. There are also obstacles, such as a wall of plants, embankments, etc. On the screen, there is a pink circle used to control the character to move. Click on the center circle button to shoot enemies ahead.

WizQuest mod apk

Download WizQuest mod – The mysterious magical war against the raging DarkWizard army

In addition to trying to attack the enemy in front, the player also needs to pay attention to avoid the enemy’s attacks. Both sides attacked each other. The higher the level, the more powerful and flexible the youkai become. Follow the yellow horizontal bar at the top of the screen to see the progress of the game. When this bar is filled with yellow, it means you have passed the requirements of this level. As soon as you have defeated the entire number of enemy youkai, they will turn into gold coins. At the end of the game screen, this gold coin is automatically drawn towards you and added to the amount of property you currently own.

Character equipment

Players have a maximum of 6 squares to equip the necessary items to bring into the game. In an old castle room, a green torch flickering on the wall. There is an equipment section for you, including a cape, hat, magic staff, shoes, and two magic potions. Players can upgrade equipment or collect rare items to integrate into existing equipment. As the equipment level is higher, the combat stats also increase. Especially the magic staff that determines the player’s attack power. Or clothing bugs can reduce the damage dealt by enemies. The shoes make the movement speed higher.

WizQuest apk free

Magic Potion

During the war, players can collect elements such as gems or potions in addition to gold coins. Players can use the obtained potions and enter the research room. Choose the right items to create the elixir to aid in battle. They are arranged in a row to the right of the player. There is a healing potion which helps the player recover 30% of his health. Or the yellow potion carries power, increasing the player’s attack by 50%. All these potions were created with a magic pot. It was round like a fish tank, and inside was a boiling green liquid.

WizQuest mod

Meet the boss

Besides the small-sized elves and the elves, there were bosses with huge looks and strength. They appear at certain levels where the player is only notified after finishing the previous level. The boss’s bloodline is represented by a purple bar above the head with a skull image. They are also very diverse, from giant ghost trees, man-eating plants or mutant animals. They have very top-notch skills, like bullets radiating around. Bullets surrounded by fire deal great damage. But in return, if you overcome them, players can win valuable gifts.

WizQuest apk

In addition, each story of WizQuest takes place in a certain area. Each area corresponds to 10 chapters or 10 tables through all these levels. Players can move to the next area with newer terrains. In addition to the forest full of green flowers and grass, the desert area is arid. Or the land near the volcano with boiling lava flows. Or the snowy area with high mounds of snow. It also acts as a shield from enemy attacks. Download WizQuest mod to enter the magical war fighting evil goblins.

How to Download & Install WizQuest MOD APK (Unlimited money/Energy/Free Upgrade) for Android


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