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Updated 26/04/2021 (3 years ago)
NameDark Chaser APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.0.3+
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Introduce MOD APK Dark Chaser

It’s never been hot for gamers. Recently we have another idle fighting game. As if to satisfy the desires of those who want to play games but do not have too much time. I present to you Dark Chaser. A product from Spring comes, the developer famous for the production of idle games. This time they will continue to bring us another interesting journey. Come on, let’s explore the mysterious world in Dark Chaser from now on.

Dark Chaser describes the journey of destroying monsters residing in many foreign lands by a group known as the Mercenaris. They are warriors with many special abilities and shapes. You will control, upgrade and evolve them. On the way to fight and protect humanity. Confront the giant bosses. Win and bring back special items. The beauty and highlight of Dark Chaser are that the characters will fight continuously, non-stop even when you are offline.

Dark Chaser mod

Download Dark Chaser mod – Upgrade group of monsters fighting monsters

Initially, you only have one Mercenary to fight alone. The screen on the top half shows the character always moving forward. Encounter with monsters and fight. The above shows the number of rounds the player has passed. Destroying a wave of monsters is equivalent to around. Of course, their strength will increase as they progress to higher rounds. Therefore a player’s primary task will not be fighting. Instead, it is to level up and power up the character. Recruit more teammates and form a powerful Mercenaries team.

The bottom half of the main screen is the information panel of your warriors. Has a slightly larger size than the screen above. Displays all parameters of one or more Mercenary you own. Along with the skills and spells for making money, I will talk about it later. Earned money is used to upgrade the characters. Unlock new equipment and skills. Offers many convenient packages in the store.

Dark Chaser mod apk

Level up and recruit more warriors

With a warrior starting your way, up to a certain stage will not hold up. Because monsters increase with number and strength over rounds. Just up to the 10th round, your warrior will surely die. If you don’t want that to happen, do both methods. The first is to upgrade your lone warrior, level up so he has more damage and endurance. Secondly, you have to get one or two new teammates to follow. By the Reborn feature that uses certain resources. You will have a chance to summon a stronger Mercenary. Accompanying a team of heroes is more helpful than fighting alone.

Dark Chaser mod apk free

Special support skills

After upgrading warriors and get a strong enough hero team. Let them fight seamlessly. Now is the time to focus on skills support. They are the main factor that gives gold coins and effects on combat. Like skills that increase attack speed, heal allies, put bad effects on enemies, and more. Like warriors, skills are also divided into levels and can be upgraded. The higher the upgrade, the stronger and more the effect. So hoarding the amount of gold needed to increase the skill level is also an optimal choice.

Opportunities in daily quests

Normally in role-playing games, the daily quest system is almost an indispensable thing. The same goes for Dark Chaser, but their tasks are much smaller and easier to perform. Mainly complete them to get diamonds, a special unit that helps you unlock many gadgets while offline. Or a spell that grants a certain ability over a period of time. They are generally very useful for fighting monsters and making money. Save diamonds from daily quests to buy and use them

Dark Chaser mod free

Fight with humans

You didn’t get it wrong, you can completely fight humans. But those are the other players in PvP mode. They are like you, owning a team of different Merceneries. Their strength is based on skill and the upgrades they spend. Be wary of their many strange battles. When participating for the first time, there will be many surprises. But don’t worry too much if you get used to it. The matches will become even more interesting.

Dark Chaser free

Except for elements such as characters, settings, skills, and completely new interactions. The gameplay of Dark Chaser must not be too unfamiliar to many veteran gamers. Basically, it is quite suitable for people who do not have a regular network connection. Or is so busy that she travels a lot and doesn’t have time to play games. This game will help you to improve a little bit of mental strength and relieve stress. If you feel curious or interesting, immediately download the Dark Chaser mod and destroy the monsters and your party.

How to Download & Install Dark Chaser MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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