Bunny Blast MOD APK (Unlimited hammer, rocket) 1.7.2

Updated 28/03/2024 (3 weeks ago)
NameBunny Blast APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited hammer, rocket
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Bunny Blast

Bunny Blast is a game suitable for those who are looking for relaxation. When the action shooter titles bring you breathtaking thrills. Are you tired of working and studying days and need to find something to entertain? Instead of having a headache among thousands of choices, come to Bunny Blast. The white rabbits in Bunny Blast need your help. All difficulties and hardships you can overcome. Don’t let the problems ahead stop you. Help them overcome the challenges given to become winners.

Bunny Blast offers lightness without pressure. Like other puzzle games, Bunny Blast has a familiar interface that helps us quickly understand how to play. The game leads us on an adventure with lovely bunnies. You will have to complete challenges to help the rabbits complete their tasks. Each level will give you different challenges, from easy to difficult, so you feel it’s not easy. You won’t get bored with the game if you don’t want to show that you can get caught up in it. So let’s go on an adventure in Bunny Blast!

Bunny Blast mod

Download Bunny Blast mod – Puzzle with lovely bunnies

Bunny Blast offers different gameplay than previous titles. Instead of moving the blocks to form a row of the same color, you will have to select an area with at least two squares of the same color with the same content next to each other as required. Your job needs to touch a block of color to make them disappear, and you have collected them to complete the challenge. With each touch, you lose one turn. And when they turn reaches zero but you still haven’t finished organizing the required color blocks, you will lose. So, be intelligent players and carefully calculate each turn to complete the assigned task.

Bunny Blast apk

Various missions

Entering the game with the early game screen is quite comfortable. The task is quite simple, with a small number of color blocks collected. Unfortunately, the time for you to complete the homework is not too long. Each level will have a maximum of three stars symbolizing your achievements. Then, when you receive a 3-star level, you have completed your level well. But when it comes to the game, the higher the challenge, the more difficult it becomes, and the fewer touches will be less and less for the player. It will be difficult for players always to get these three stars. There are more than 1000 levels in all and are currently being continuously updated by the publisher to help players explore freely.

Bunny Blast mod apk

Collection of support items

Bunny Blast is similar to other games. When you have difficulty, an essential thing is support items. For example, the rockets can help you destroy the colored blocks that stand in your way horizontally or vertically. Or a music disc can also give you the necessary blocks of color. You will need to collect enough required colored blocks to complete your mission. The rewards are also where you can find items. Or mysterious chests when you reach a particular milestone will also help you accumulate these items. This quantity is also minimal. So the rules for you to create items during the game will also be thoroughly disseminated.

Bunny Blast apk free

Special static in the game

The rounds are complex, with many color block requirements. But the little touches will make you struggle, struggling to find a way to play when the sponsored item in Bunny Blast is not enough for you to use in times of need. In addition, you can buy them at the store, but it will cost a lot of money. Then this is the time when you need to know this particular thing right away. When you collect color blocks in separate rows, this will be able to form a projectile with great destructive power. It will help you get the required color blocks. If you master this, congratulations, you are a clever and cunning player.

Bunny Blast android

When you get used to playing, you are confident about your achievements. Do not hesitate to compete with other players by comparing your score rating against them. It will show what your accomplishments are. Through that, you will be motivated to rise to a higher position in the next matches if you are a puzzle game enthusiast. I believe this will be a great game. Bunny Blast will bring you moments of relaxation after working and studying stress. Download Bunny Blast mod to experience happy moments with lovely bunnies with just the touch of a button.

How to Download & Install Bunny Blast MOD APK (Unlimited hammer, rocket) for Android


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